By Christabelle…
I turned over a new leaf this spring, which included a gym membership and an extreme exercise regiment.  With all of the positive benefits of the endorphin release and tighter buns, I have also been plagued with sore muscles in my legs and back. Fortunately, my pain is wiped out with a quick sweep and a rub of  BENGAY® PAIN RELIEF + MASSAGE.
BENGAY® PAIN RELIEF + MASSAGE, a product that combines the legendary pain relieving power of BENGAY® with custom, no-mess massage nubs has offered my overworked muscles a little TLC. No massage therapist needed!
Everyone needs a little “me- time,” even if only for a minute – and with this odorless formula, I don’t have to walk around smelling like a hospital (which is where I feel like I should be after a hard workout at New York Sports Club.
Available at your for $9.99 (click for a coupon for $5 off!)

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