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I have to admit, I got into pig mode last week and didn’t wash my hair. Not for over a week. And NONE of you knew. Day after day…from the gym – to the office – to my kitchen cooking meals- to the bars and even a party filled with cigar smoke..and not one nasty, greasy, smelly lock to be found. In fact, on day five… a very prominent hair expert commented on how NICE my hair looked.

Yes, indeed – this is true and I can see your cringed faces and hear the  “eww gross” comments loud and clear. But it was for the sake of a beauty product experiment. One that I proudly share with you as it passed with flying colors – and then some. My new obsession (and your future one)?
Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo and Dry Condition.

NEW! Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo and Condition may be used together or individually – $24 each

2 Steps to Clean Hair without the Shower:

Now, I do not condone going as long as I did without washing your hair – let’s get real for a moment…it is borderline gross . That being said, these two newly launched products from Pureology  are all you need for a life of clean -in-between. They are not only perfect for everyday use (in between blow-outs) and post-gym workouts…but also great for travel (when you might be off your normal wash and blow routine) and even for stays in the hospital when showers aren’t an option. Want to make a new mom burst into tears? Instead of bringing her flowers as a congrats on the new baby – bring her a bouquet of Pureology Fresh Approach…I promise it will be the best gift she gets.

Dry shampoos are not new to the market and there are a number of spectacular ones available to the consumer, but to date the only one that passed the “halo” test with me.  I am a dark brunette and no matter how far away I spray and how much I brush, I always have an ash-halo effect on my head (sometimes so bad that it would have looked better left filthy). Not only is there NO halo, but the smell of these products is so delicious Pureology should market an actual fragrance Fresh Approach. It is the kind of soft understated aroma that has you sniffing people in the room asking “who smells so good?” – only to discover, it is YOU.

Other Added Benefits:

  • Free of Salt and Parabens
  • AntiFade Complex A potent mixture of antioxidants, including Heliogenol and Vitamins C & E, for maximum colour retention.
    Reduces water-abrasion and extends the life of colour-treated hair by up to 4 weeks
  • Contains Orange Oil : An essential oil that deeply conditions and nourishes, leaving hair with satin shine and a vibrant finish and Refreshing Minerals: Obsidian and Smithsonite minimize odor and weightlessly absorb moisture without clogging pores

Some notes for application:

1. Do not spray dry shampoo directly on top of the scalp – you need some air distance between your hair and the product for it to work effectively. My general rule of thumb is to use the same distance as when using hairspray.
2. Distribute the sprays of dry shampoo to your roots only and in layers around your head (not just the front and on top).
3. NEVER spray dry conditioner to your roots – you will need to use the dry shampoo to counteract it. YIKES!  Dry conditioners are meant to be used mid length to the ends of your hair – to help maintain manageability and shine.

Now you can always have rockin’ clean locks…even if you sported your shower cap for one week straight – like yours truly.

Where to buy: Cutler Salon, 47 W 57th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10019, (212) 308 – 3838 (while you are there – get a cut and blow out with Dax – my fave!)
– or –
click HERE to find your local salon.

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