By Christabelle

It is 92 degrees as I write this post – hardly the day to be thinking about cracked, dry, winter abused skin – but it is coming. The daunting, dreadful, frightfully cold weather is just around the corner and is thumbing a ride to YOUR TOWN, so get ready NOW and beat Mother Nature at her nasty little game called WINTER.

Three quick and easy steps (and products) are all you really need to get your body ready-to-roll with the blistery weather. Now – go to the bathroom and start up that shower…

STEP 1:  EXFOLIATE – So as much as we love the warm weather months – and have learned that it is imperative to get 15 minutes of sunshine sans SPF each day to get our dose of Vitamin D – the elements of summer can wreak havoc on our top layer of skin. Dryness, flaking and itchy skin are all common complaints, so it is crucial to “shed” this layer of skin to create a soft, smooth base for your winterizing. This will allow your skin to soak in the moisture you are going to saturate it with in STEP 3.

Treat yourself to a home-spa atmosphere, with Softsoap’s newest line of body wash called SPA RADIANT. Infused with natural jojoba beads and mineral sea salts, the exfoliating variety gently removes dull skin, leaving smooth, radiant skin in its place. Close your eyes, breathe in and you are transformed to Cornelia Day Spa (or whatever your spa-of-choice in your city is!) – blissful invigoration as this gentle, but effective scrub removes the “dead” from your body. (SRP: $4.99 for 12 oz bottle at

STEP 2: DE-HAIR – When waxing hurts too much and your pocket-book doesn’t quite allow for laser treatments, there is always your friend the (which to date is still my fave!). But who is the best partner in crime for this little pink, plastic de-hairing device you ask? Probably NOT who you think.

When I hear “Passion Party”, I am instantly taken to a naughty, dirty and marabou detailed world of sensual goodies. A battery here, something whip-like there – Passion Parties service over 10,000 gatherings per month! It was at party 9,999 that I discovered the Romanta Therapy collection and stumbled upon my new favorite shaving cream (I know, I know -you were expecting something a little more daring…). But let it be known, the Soft and Silky UniSEX Shaving Creme is one of their best selling products! This aloe vera based cream is enriched with jojoba oil, allantoin (that helps with razor burn), and aloe vera. With virtually NO scent, this wonder cream is the perfect STEP 2 product to get the closest shave you have ever experienced.  (SRP: $13.00 at

STEP 3: MOISTURIZE – I don’t know if the rest of you have a issues with body lotion, but I do! I think applying it is a messy, tedious process that is so unappetizing I tend to skip it – A LOT. But skip no more since I stumbled across Sanctuary Body Moisture Spray by Boots (inspired by the famous ladies only day spa in London!).

Now, to clarify, I am a full adult (at least in mind capacity), but this stuff smells so good, I truly want to eat it (kind of like the way I still want to nibble a bit on  Play-Doh). Not a sugary, overbearing good, but sniff myself over and over throughout the day good. The kind of good where you say “who smells so awesome?” only to discover it is YOU. With sweet almond oil, jojoba (are you noticing a trend here?), and Vitamin E, this all over body product has one big difference from its gooey pump and squeeze friends. IT SPRAYS ON! Yes, sprays on  – evenly with a feather light texture – no rubbing in needed (though I do anyway, bc I just love the way it feels). My skin glows – without a heavy, weighed down texture. I have since retired my dry-my-body-by-possessing-Elaine Benes’ Seinfeld dance – there is no need. My Sanctuary Body Moisture Spray drys fast – and doesn’t stain my clothes! (SRP $10.00 at

So with the hurricane hitting the east coast this weekend, what better time to start your winterizing regiment! I know I am…

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