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Am I the only one who finds irony in the fact her last name is Balding and she is one of the hottest hair stylists in the country? I think not – and fortunately, for me, Jenny still shared some hot, simple and sexy hair styles for the holidays…even with my annoying opening sentence to this blog post.

Jenny Balding Holiday Hair

I know I am in a whirlwind of holiday parties this season – so these tips have already come in handy for this social blogger butterfly…Jenny Balding, Senior Stylist and Grooming & Styling Expert at NYC’s Cutler/Redken Salon, shares three 15-minute festive do’s for holiday soirees that can easily be created on the go, even in the office powder room!

You’re pressed for time before a party and need a chic, modern look—fast! A fixture on the runway this season, the high ponytail is ideal for long hair, and even better for when hair is greasy as it looks sleek instead of unkempt. Use a straightening iron to smooth hair from mid length to the ends and then gather up into a ponytail right above the nape of your neck, which will enhance your cheekbones. To finish, brush from top to tail and mist all over with a strong hold hairspray like Redken Control Addict 28. Voilà! An instant facelift!

If you want to vamp up your look before a night on the town, sweep your hair into a faux bob. This style works best for wavy hair, jaw-length or longer and is a great alternative to a basic blow out. Tie your hair into a low, slightly loose ponytail and then fold the tail up and tuck underneath at the nape of your neck. Pin using a few large bobby pins. Gently loosen a few strands around your hairline and in minutes you have an elegant, new look for the evening.

Hair feeling flat and limp after a long day at work? Give it some life with Redken Powder Refresh 01. Spray all over starting at the roots and massage lightly with your fingers throughout. Backcomb a few small sections at the crown and hairline to create a little extra volume. Finally, mist all over with a light hairspray like Redken Fashion Work 12. This will give your hair a quick, all-over volume boost before you head out to a holiday bash.

Happy Holiday Hair Do! I am feeling #RedkenReady and seasonally sassy…are you?


Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

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