5 Easy and Tasty BIB ideas for Mom (breakfast-in-bed)…

We all know that mothers are usually awake long before their children and sometimes husbands on school and work days, prepping just about everything for the morning rush. She makes lunches, begins breakfast, makes sure the bathroom is prepared for chaos, makes sure clean clothes are within reach for the day, and the list goes on and on.  Point blank, YOUR MOTHER DESERVES A DAY OF REST AND PAMPERING!

We guarantee she would very much enjoy for the tables to be turned, with the family prepping everything in the morning, and not for chaos, but rather for her day of much needed relaxation! This all begins with her sleeping in and waking up to the magic of breakfast in bed- and we don’t mean just some cereal thrown in a bowl and given to her!

We have created a list of 6 of the best, delicious yet simple breakfast in bed ideas for any family to prepare and give to their mother the morning of Mother’s Day, kicking off a wonderful day honoring her and all of her needs 🙂

To begin, any breakfast in bed needs 5 essentials:

mom day breakfast

  1. A bright and sturdy tray for beautiful delivery (bywhite.com)
  2. Designer linens and silverware (HenHouseLinens.com)
  3. A coffee carafe (Alessi.com) or flowering tea kit (Numitea.com)*
  4. Flowers, laid out nicely or arranged in a small vase (1-800Flowers.com)
  5. A propping pillow – so mom is super comfy as she eats her delicious meal (HedgeHouseUSA.com)

*Use code LOVEMOM to get 10% off this gift on numitea.com through 5/11/14

Choose one of these 5 breakfasts based on which is your mother’s favorite:


  1. Fancy MomCakes

Pancakes are simple yet delicious and easy to decorate and make attractive. You can make them out of a box or buy ingredients and make from scratch. Based on your mother’s preference, you can make them plain, blueberry, strawberry or chocolate chip pancakes, and add whip cream and/or powdered sugar on top. Perhaps make different kinds of pancakes and surprise her with a variety of flavors. 3 medium sized pancakes should be good (remember to make extra though!) and maybe even a side of bacon or Taylor Ham (NJ moms will know exactly what that is!). Slice up some fruit to add as a side and bring a carafe of syrup for her to add as fit to taste.

You can follow instructions from the pancake box or use this recipe to make from scratch.

  1. Mom-credible Omelet

Omelets can get tricky to make, which only extra proves the lengths you will go to in order to give your mother a great breakfast in bed 🙂 For starters know what kind of cheese of likes, as well as what veggies to use and which ones to steer clear of! Don’t forget to garnish with sliced tomatoes or some fancy parsley! Make her some toast with butter for a side, and bring jam with a spreading knife on the tray.
For an easy how-to guide for making your omelet, check out THIS recipe.

  1. Momberries with Crème Fraîche, Granola and Fruit

Some mothers may enjoy simple, tasteful breakfasts as opposed to big hardy ones. Make a beautifully decorated plate of strawberries and crème fraîche with powdered sugar and mint leaves to decorate. Alternatively, try a bowl of her favorite yogurt, complete with a side of granola and fresh cut fruit pieces. She will love the décor of the meal, as well the wonderful combination of flavors!

  1. French Toast Momerole

Does your mom love French toast? How about bread putting? This incredibly delicious dish combines both, delivering your mother’s taste buds total and utter happiness! Show her how much thought and preparation you went into her breakfast in bed by creating this dish, and add to finishing touch, as you see fit. We recommend adding powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar or some yummy toasted pecans!
Check out the recipe HERE

  1. Mom-meal with Grapefruit and Avocado

This breakfast in bed covers all bases, treating your mother to a serving of her daily grains, fruits, veggies and even some healthy, belly burning fats with the avocado. You may add some fresh berries to her oatmeal for added taste and antioxidants, and bring a little salt on the tray if she would like that with her avocado and tomatoes. Suggest she spread some avocados on her toast and add some tomato slices- it’s very yummy and healthy! Also, perhaps a little sugar for her grapefruit, and plenty of napkins!

  1. Her favorite Sweet Pastries 

Grab a mixture of her favorite pastries from your local pastry/ sweets Shoppe, arrange nicely on a plate and serve with eggs and bacon! Maybe she likes éclairs, sweet breads, muffins…grab a variety! Make some scrambled eggs, bacon, and add some garnish. Don’t forget a serving of ketchup for the eggs! Her sweet tooth will be delighted!



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