Your eyelashes may do more for you than you think…Aside from keeping debris away from your very precious eyeballs, eyelashes frame the very windows into your soul. They are malleable enough to structure your face in various ways of your choosing, giving you an array of different looks, such as the baby doll, wing-eyed and so forth. Let your lashes know how much you appreciate them by spoiling them with these 7 Lash-o-licious products..they are bound to step their lash game up even more in return.

7 Products that Love Your Lashes…


1. Lush Lash System by Urban Decay at Sephora
Your lashes will appreciate the 25% increase in thickness and length this two-step product gives, and in as little two short weeks! Lush Lash System also strengthens during its process, penetrating the roots of your lashes using the tiny brush in the first step to apply the keratin filled serum, which stimulates lashes to grow. Using vitamin E and Panthenol in the second step conditioning mask wand, your lashes instantly become fortified. After four weeks client’s lashes became 40% longer and thicker and 63% after six weeks! SRP $42.00,

2. COVERGIRL’s  New Bombshell Volume by LashBlast Mascara
A lash-tastic two- step product offering lashes that are 10X more noticeable after application compared to bare lashes! Simply brush lashes with the Extreme Volume basecoat and follow-up with intensifying colored top coats. Voila, your lashes are now bombshell status. SRP: $11.99,

3. Ardell®
New to wearing falsie lashes? Look no further than lashes by Ardell, a leading brand on the world of false lashes. Their lashes are light as air, easy to put on and easy to take off, perfect for first time faux lash users. Ardell also offers their new advanced adhesive for lashes that works to protect your own eyes and lashes while securing the faux lashes in place. Their line includes everything you could ever need when it comes to the application of lashes, including eyelash curlers (One that’s heated and one for precision), a lash comb, lash pencils and more.  We love ARDELL Lashlites Lashes 334! SRP: $4.99,

4. Vendetta by Lola V™
For long wear lashes that offer a classic Hollywood look at an affordable price, look no further than the Vendetta Lashes of the “Lola V Collection”. Known for quality lashes that are able to accommodate all eye shapes, the Lola V Collection lashes are able to stay on for two to three weeks! The Vendetta lashes of the collection are thick, long and lush. SRP: $10.00

5. LashControl®
If you are looking for a happy medium between a thick, rich black mascara without having it come out in huge gobs, then you will LOVE mascara by LashControl® which gives you that happy medium! They have created a very convenient patented tube that puts you in control of just how much mascara you want to use. This way, you can have a rich black mascara that lets you enjoy a consistency and amount of your choosing. It’s no wonder its award-winning; saving on excess mascara means it lasts you longer! Your lashes will also love its botanical ingredients, including Ginkgo Bilboa, Aloe and a beeswax base that won’t irritate your eyes. SRP: $25.00,

For clinically proven big, bold and dramatic lashes with a quick three-step application, along with numbers such as 300% fuller and 98% visually longer instantly, you are going to want this mascara! Lashes become magnified, with no glue no mess and gentle enough ingredients for sensitive skin! Your lashes become nourished, without the use of harsh chemicals, and we like the sound of that! SRP: $19.99, 

7. Wink Natural Cosmetics Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancer
If your lashes need a boost, but you want to give it to them in a natural way, treat them to Wink Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancer! They use only natural ingredients that are good for your lashes, naturally stimulating them t grow in fuller in as little as two weeks, with full results in 8-12. Wink’s formula is hormone free, hypoallergenic, free of Parabens, sulfates and dyes and fragrances, and you will not feel guilty if you accidentally fall asleep without washing it off! As a bonus, one 5ml bottle gives you a 3 month supply, so your wallet will also be fuller. SRP: $39.00 for a three-month supply,

*Beauty note from RissaBelle*: As we all know, even the best mascara can sometimes be a bit of a hassle to take off. As not to damage my lashes when removing my mascara, I like to use make-up removing products that are gentle yet effective in taking off a long hard day’s worth of mascara 🙂 Here are my personal faves of lash-saving mascara removers:

Kiehl’s Since 1851 Supremely Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
You can’t go wrong with a brand that has been around since 1851! Shout out to those who wear contact lenses-This Kiehl’s product is Ophthalmologist tested and is safe for use while wearing your contacts! Convenient, lightweight and made with non-sting ingredients, Kiehl’s remains a top brand in the beauty industry. SRP:  $16.50,

Lancome Bi-facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover 
This is an award-winning best seller and it’s not hard to figure out why it’s able to condition your skin while gently ridding all of your mascara, including waterproof! No oily residue and refreshed skin? Sold. SRP: $28.00,

Maybelline Clean Express!™ Facial Towlettes
For make-up removing in a hurry or on the go, I definitely recommend this product. Facial Towlettes are super convenient, and Maybelline’s offer Moringa Seed Extract, which rid impurities along with the mascara, no matter how stubborn it may be! Oil free, moisturizing, good for sensitive skin and affordable, the only thing you will lose with this product is mascara and impurities. Perfecto! SRP:  $5.99,


Happy Winking!

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