By Christabelle…
I have thick hair – VERY THICK hair…and yet like most women, I yearn for more. I covet runway hair – as big as life and as perfect as the word itself.  Not an easy task…especially since I am not a supermodel who has an entourage of “hair elves” following me around town.
But since I discovered a new breakthrough in hairpieces called  Effortless Extensions – my hair is not only runway ready, but in less than three minutes.  This time-and-mess-saving  hair accessory requires no clips, no glue, no sewing, no skill, and no assistance. In other words…it is “idiot proof”.
Effortless Extensions are the first hair extensions that do not connect to the hair in any way, yet the comfortable crown support circle ensures they will stay in place, even when fully active. They blend seamlessly into your natural hair, in literally seconds, wheareas other products take up to one hour to apply.  As most women know, spending the day at a salon and having extensions glued or sewn in can not only be extremely time consuming and costly, but also damaging to the hair. With Effortless Extensions, you can have fabulous hair without creating issues with your natural locks.
Effortless Extensions also help you achieve a natural look since they are made from a new XO synthetic fiber, which is so close to human hair, it’s hard to distinguish.  The XO synthetic is the only fiber on the market you can wash, condition, blow-dry, curl or flat iron just like you own hair. At just $69.98, they are available in three styles and 34 colors.  Human hair pieces are also available for $349.99.

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