By JackieBelle

Little boys like to get toys for Christmas and Chanukah, and just because they’re all grown up doesn’t mean they don’t still like to get toys!  The difference is, the toys they want are no longer Matchbox cars and action figures; this year’s most coveted toy for men is workout gear, like the Kymaro Doorway Trainer.  Men & women view working out very differently.  For women, it’s all about the cardio with light weight training, but for men its about building muscle and strength.  If there’s a man on your holiday shopping list that wants the benefits of a great workout, but often can’t find the time to make it to the gym, the Kymaro Doorway Trainer is the perfect fit for him!  He can save himself a snowy, cold trip to the gym and stay home while still getting an excellent workout.

The Kymaro Doorway Trainer is the ultimate multi-function training bar that easily sits in any doorway.  This incredible machine is made for serious workouts to get ripped, strong and tough.  It strengthens the chest, arms, legs, glutes, shoulders, back and appears to be, and it is designed for deep push ups, extreme sit ups, and the perfect squats and dips.  It’s like an entire strengthening workout in a three-foot space, and anybody living in a teeny-tiny studio apartment or an overflowing suburban house knows the value of space!  This unit turns any doorway into an ultimate workout machine in just seconds, so you don’t have a big hulking machine sitting where your elegant little writing desk should be, and it doesn’t take a lot of time to set up- it’s instant!   It doesn’t cause damage to the doorway, which is a nice bonus, because how can the poor guy enjoy his new Fabio physique when he spends all his time cleaning scuff marks off the walls?  So don’t buy him another shoe horn that he won’t use or another “going-out” shirt that he won’t wear-he likes the one he bought in 1991 and has no plans to replace it.  Get him a toy this year that will be fun and will improve his health and make him feel great!

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