We all know them…heck…I am one of them.  A wine snob. A certified – I love my wine by the bottle (not the box) – wish I was a Sommelier – need to own a vineyard in the  Hampton’s one day – vino enthusiast! (not to be confused with Christabelle’s beau Vino…who she is also an enthusiast of!).

Not only does the wine have to be delicious (and don’t be mistaken in thinking that all good wines cost a ton of money – some of the best wines on the market are under $12 a bottle!) but it needs to be properly poured and served. As I learned on a trip to Chianti, Italy a few years back – aeration is key to opening up the wine to it’s most pristine condition.  Wine is aerated because: oxygen helps the wine to become stimulated and show signs of its age, chemistry, and character. As wine is exposed to oxygen the wine becomes alive again. An aerated wine will release aromas, have a better mouth feel, and it will have more of the designed balance versus a wine that is poured straight from the bottle. This used to involve large, expensive decanters – not very portable or cost efficient. But I discovered a clever accessory that comes with me everywhere – the Soirée Premier Wine Aerator ($25)!

Soirée Premier Wine Aerator fits securely into any wine bottle allowing you to pour, without dripping directly through the Soirée. By pouring wine in this manner, the Soirée creates an intermediary stage where the wine is infused with oxygen and then cascades into your glass. In using the Soirée to aerate your wine, you will notice the subtleties and character of the wine emerge immediately upon entering your glass. Soirée delivers a truly “open” wine just by pouring through it and it allows you to decant just the portion of wine you want – a glass or a carafe. Soirée eliminates the dollars, hours, and dishes involved in traditional decanting . Who wants to waste precious wine – I know I DON’T!

Who can refuse a gift that requires a wine bottle to be opened? Soirée Premier Wine Aerator  can be used on any occasion and on any bottle of wine and for just $25, it is a great budget-friendly gift idea (think recent grads, bridal party gifts or even wedding favors!).

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