The New “IT” Place to Sell Your Garage Sale Goods…by Christabelle

Craigslist Doesn’t do it and Neither Does eBay; Two Gen-Yers Tap into America’s Craving for Quick Cash (, a new service that bills itself as the largest community of tag sale enthusiasts, has been coined as the new “IT” place to purge your posessions. The site is the first online aggregator of “physical property sales” and creator of virtual tag sales, allowing everyone from a homeowner “spring cleaning” to a professional liquidating a warehouse to list items singularly or as entire sets. Users can even “map” area tag sales for easy pick-up. Neither Craigslist nor eBay allow users to post and shop sales in this fashion. A brief description, asking price and photos can all be included and uploaded to the site, which also includes “how-to” advice, videos, a blog and even tag sale humor.

To date, the company’s 1,800 and counting members who’ve joined since May 2008 have listed over 2,000 sales featuring one to 200 items per sale. In addition, there are nearly 3,000 weekend events listed on the site each week. The site’s creators, Jonathon Papsin (27) and Matthew Dorman (31) saw the economy changing and tapped into the national zeitgeist, sensing the need to “quickly and easily bring together those who need to de-clutter and pick up some cash with those who need to furnish or collect on a dime.” The two add, “On any given weekend in any given town there are at least a dozen yard sales. We just wanted to bring this oldest of American pastimes into the digital era.”

A modest one-time flat fee is charged for posting a sale on the site. Users can pick the duration, manage their content throughout the sale and communicate with buyers. Those who cannot physically hold a tag sale can advertise a virtual tag sale for buyers to make an offer.

With consumers creatively looking for solutions everyday, sees a “”-like future pairing up buyers and sellers on a wider and wider scale. To that end, they have already lined up partnerships including one with Grand Slam Garage Sales, a high school student-owned company which runs garage sales from start to finish.

The company predicts a very busy – and early – tag sale season, recommending potential users to get a jump on spring cleaning, search out their own saleable “treasures” and let get them into business instantly.

Drop by and check it out…while you are there – you can check out Christabelle’s Closet Tag Sale – happy shopping! TAG…YOU’RE IT!

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