The Alphabet Ain’t Just for Soup and Cereal…by Christabelle

With a summer of weddings, baby showers, Bat Mitzvahs and graduations ahead of me…I went on a hunt for fabulous, affordable and memorable gift ideas.  Weeding through website after website, on-line guides and magazine articles, finally a bright light shone down from the gift giving gods and offered me this…

With a mantra of “Spreading Your Love One Letter At A Time”, Simag Jewelry fits the bill for all of your gift giving. Created by Sima Gilady out of Boulder, CO, she has single handedly built an alphabet empire (both in English and Hebrew) by styling coveted pieces for budget-friendly prices.

Can you offer a new mom a more beautiful treasure than a necklace bearing the name or initial of her bundle of joy?  What new bride wouldn’t adore a necklace with her and her new husband’s initials separated by a heart? Got a fab grad in mind who would simply go nuts for a charm necklace with her year of graduation?  Well, Simag Jewelry can get it done for you – made to order and one-of-a-kind.

With over 120 different hand-stamped variations in both sterling silver and gold, you can check mark everyone off your list this summer (including a nice little gift for yourself).  I even got one for me and my beau (see left)…THANKS SIMA!

You can’t go wrong with a personalized gift of love – made with love – by Simag Jewelry. Prices range from $25 up through $175 – but most hover in the $30 – $40 category. A true bargain for the craft(wo)manship and care that are put into each stunning piece.  Don’t be surprised when people beg to know where  you got your necklace from and don’t be shy in telling them to check out Simag Jewelry.

Now go…buy…wear and enjoy!  SIMAG.ETSY.COM 

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  1. Lindsey

    These are really nice. I’m not sure if they’re available and/or still being made but I will check it out – Thank you!


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