Cookies…Chanel…California…Corvette…Cavalli…Choo…CLOONEY and of course Christabelle. But “C” is NOW also for my newest lip locking love…Ceci Cela Lip Balm in ALMOND ($10).

Those that know me, know I am a sucker for anything remotely almond flavored or scented. But this one takes the cake! The alluring scent of almond lingers deliciously (not overpowering) for hours, while the lightweight texture smooths and soothes my pucker. Unlike competitve brands, this one IS NOT waxy and does not leave an aftertaste in my mouth (tsk-tsk to those that do!).  With SPF 15, this power balm will be a permanent fixture in my beach tote this summer, will carry over to my ski gear in the winter and is already occupying space in my bedside table and handbag. Yes…I bought multiples like a psycho at a recent visit to Gurney’s Inn (out in the Montauk, NY) bc I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find it elsewhere (don’t panic – I discovered the good folks at on-line beauty shops FRED SEGAL, PAUL LABRECQUE and WESTGLOW are wise enough to keep stock on-line to satiate our need for moisturized lips).

WHY OH WHY is Ceci Cela not in more locations! I am going on a pilgrimage to all of my favorite apothocaries and spas and demanding they carry this almond flavored delight – I suggest you do the same. It smells like a cross between those YUM horseshoe cookies you find in Greek diner’s and marzipan. Pure heaven…

Want to be a self-declared kissing bandit with smooch-back appeal like me? Check out their website and locate a balm of your own cause I AIN’T SHARING MINE:

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