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When having company over there are many things I make sure to do just before arrival. My apartment is spotless, organized, and clean. Ambient music is playing, delicious food is cooking and photos of loved ones on display.  I want my place to be appealing to all 5 senses. However, it recently dawned on me that I didn’t just wanted it to generically smell nice…I wanted it to smell recognizable. My guests needed to walk in and be captivated by my home’s signature scent! That is how I discovered Mandarin Coriander by Thymes …and now I am officially #obsessed (you will be too).

Take some Thyme out for yourself...

Take some Thyme out for yourself…

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Mandarin Coriander, a favorite scent from Thymes, can now be enjoyed in a few new ways (all of which I am using simultaneously at my place if you want to come over for a sniff). From aromatic candles to diffusers and home fragrance mists, this collection brings the best of the outdoors to your home; making your dwelling as unforgettable as YOU.

Like a breath of fresh air, this one-of-a-kind herbal and citrus blend includes notes of cold-pressed mandarin, grapefruit, lemon balm and sweet orange peel. Take an aromatic “Thyme-out” with this refreshing collection…think about gifting your favorite hostess this season with one or all of this deliciously enticing collection.

*         Mandarin Coriander Candle

*         Mandarin Coriander Hobnail Candle

*         Mandarin Coriander Hobnail Diffuser

*         Mandarin Coriander Hobnail Diffuser Refill

*         Mandarin Coriander Home Fragrance Mist

Available for SRP ranging from $9.50 – $60.00 at Thymes and other fine retailers.

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