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Designer Alicia Marilyn

Every girl loves her jewels – perhaps even more than her shoes and bags! As if you needed any motivation to purchase some solid, statement pieces to accent your Spring 2011 wardrobe…here it is anyway. I  have isolated the one and only place to buy it all this season – Alicia Marilyn Design. Tell your friends.
Designer (and NYC based actress) Alicia Marilyn’s love for classic and feminine jewelry can be traced back to her childhood, where her grandmother’s jewelry box was a favored play-place for her.  Accessory prowess passed down from generation to generation in her family, Alicia quickly realized not only how much jewelry can enhance style, but actually create and evoke mood.
With three collections to choose from, MODERN, CLASSIC AND VINTAGE – there is something for everyone! In the Modern Collection, each piece is individually carved infusing metal and artistry to create an organic, free-flowing, and natural design. Sterling silver or gold vermeil is used.
In the Classic Collection, each piece is hand-crafted using semi-precious stones and sterling silver or 14k gold-filled chains, wire, and ear wire. They can be custom ordered to each individual’s style and specifications.
In the Vintage Collection pieces are hand selected and made from materials found in either antique stores, flea markets, on Alicia’s travels, or directly from her personal family collection. In this line many pieces are one-of-a-kind.
All ear wire is sterling silver or 14k gold-filled.
My personal fave is the Modern Collection – it evokes a Wonder Woman sense of courage, elegance and kick-ass attitude.  Her attention to detail is impeccable and her forward seeing eye for true design is evident in every piece she creates.
Buy yourself a present – then buy one for your best friend, don’t forget Mom for Mother;s Day and…well my birthday is April 18th – buy me a present too! Alicia Marilyn Designs can be purchased in select boutiques across the nation and direct from her website. If my word isn’t good enough (which we all know it is) – her list of celebrity “adorers” includes Rachael Ray and Laura Dern.
‘Nuff said. Get shopping 🙂

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