Everyone has experienced it…the stinky kid in class that has no idea that odor that radiates off them. They are sweet and innocent yet have stank that parallels Fresh Kills Landfill in Staten Island, NY. NO ONE wants to be that kid – or – have that kid be YOUR kid.

Well…you might want to re-think that mentality! Am I suggesting a bathing strike or an additional roll around in yesterday’s garbage – I promise you I am not. What I am suggesting is investing in the new line of clothing for kids called STINKYKIDS. Fun, and fabulous, StinkyKids is a company dedicated to celebrating the innocent and simple joys of childhood, while making quite a fahion statement.

“You little stinker,” is an expression that’s rolled off the lips of parents for decades. StinkyKids are kids at their best. Backed by the motto: “Always be a leader of good”, StinkyKids are regular kids that make good choices (the company even donates a portion of profit to kids charities!). Each original design is created to capture the most treasured moments of childhood. Whether it’s a princess, a golfer, a ballerina, or kid in a bathing suit, each little stinker encompasses a precious moment of the imagination and beauty of childhood. A little sentiment and a lot of spunk are a part of each and every StinkyKid.

Ten adorable children – from all nationalities – make up the StinkyKid family. So whether your munchkin is like StinkyKid Jen (who wants to sing on Broadway), StinkyKid Johnny (who wants to produce movies when he grows up) or StinkyKid Joey (who wants to be a teacher when she grows up), these animated tees will surely bring a smile to your face and the face of your little one (you can even buy matching adult tees!).

Available from $36.00 each at select Nordstrom stores nationwide, Klassy Kidz Boutique in Atlanta GA
or direct from STINKYKIDS. Sizes range from infant to adult in 10 different designs…one more delicious than the next. Stinkin’ delicious.

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