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With the ball about to drop, you are likely finalizing all of your plans for the new year. No doubt, champagne is on the top of your list…so get your creative cap securely fastened and go one step beyond the boring bottle of bubbly.  Hand the hostess of the hour a box of gold sparkly champagne macarons from Dana’s Bakery and get yourself on the “permanent” invite list.

Dana’s Bakery brings a unique experience by revolutionizing the traditional French macaron with an authentic American twist.

With their delicate beauty and distinct texture, Dana’s bakery offers an artisanal line of American flavor inspired macarons. From Red Velvet and S’mores, to Thin Mint and Birthday Cake, your inner ‘kid’ self will be delighted with the choice your ‘adult’ self just made.  Created with love and almond flour, these little magical macarons are 100% gluten free – the perfect yum for not only New Years Eve, but every month of the year (think Macaron of the Month Club – ya – that is a REAL thing).

You can now rejoice (folks outside NYC) – Dana’s not only ships these tasty treats fresh nationwide, but they also offer gift cards to pass along the love from Pennsylvania to Portland and everywhere in between.

If you are in the NYC area, Dana’s Bakery take orders for delivery in the big apple, and has convenient pick-up locations to the east and west of the island, too. SCORE! (delivery details: New York City, Battery Park to 100th Street –  $12.00). Now you can get your macaron mojo on ANY time.

Happy New Year!

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