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Christian Louboutin Jimmynetta Fringe Leather Ankle Boots $1195.00

The temps have been frigid here in NYC and we got a hefty dumping of snow last week. What was I wearing…? You know it – my beloved new pair of Louboutin Jimmynetta Fringe boots. What was I thinking? A girl cannot afford to pay that much money and then get them sleet and snow logged!  I am pretty sure you go to shoe jail for that, and Anna Wintour is the prison guard.  Yes, a shoe diva like myself should have known better, but when a girl needs to wear a pair – well…let us be honest here…she just needs to wear them. I needed to sashay in my new Lou-boots and  temperamental weather wasn’t going to foil my plan (they DO rock, don’t they?!?). Well worth Operation-Save-Your-Baby-Boots (though I have a sneaking suspicion I am going to wind up in one of the fashion magazines as a “Don’t” or in Bellevue as “psycho”). I might have lost a toe or two to frostbite….B T DUBS.

christina carathanassis,

Lacoste Archana PS 2 snow boot

What I should have been wearing were THESE amazing Lacoste boots, I spyed on Leslie Bibb in Sundance  weekend coverage from the weekend. The Lacoste Archana PS 2 snow boots are not only super stylish, but they are warm enough to keep Leslie toasty in Park City…methinks they would work well on the slushy streets of NYC.  Now…can someone please tell me where to get them?! I need a pair…in a 7.5. Leslie, can we share?

And PLEASE, keep it between us, that I wound up tying my stocking- feet in Food Emporium grocery bags, sliding myself down the block like a homeless person,  in a blizzard,  furiously hailing a cab on Fifth Avenue.  Please keep that between us. Pretty, please?

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