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If you read my last post, you are well aware how much I enjoyed the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival’s production of *The Three Musketeers

Lucky me – the fun didn’t end at curtain call. I got a chance to sneak behind the scenes and get some quality time backstage with three of the show’s top stars.  All I can say is this…though they are all superior in their field of work, these three thespians are also amongst the most humble, intelligent, kind and generous people I have come across in quite some time.

What a tough job I have – it is complete torture to conduct these interviews…  #lovethem

EH HeadshotEleanor Handley: I am not sure which of her characters is more wicked. My money goes on King Lear‘s Regan in the duel against Milady of The Three Musketeers. Regan eye gouges with zero remorse.

CM Headshot2 circleChiara MotleyShe takes the stage with regal elegance and grace as Queen Anne in The Three Musketeers and leads an aggressive and jealous life as Goneril in King Lear. The two might seem quite opposite in character, but share a strong bond in their adulterous shenanigans.

MB HEadshotMichael Borrelli: With the most extreme polar opposite roles of the three, he flawlessly toggles between the hilariously flamboyant and self-centered King Louis in The Three Musketeers and the brooding and savagely brutal Duke of Cornwall in King Lear.

While I sneak into the wardrobe room and try on EVERYTHING Costume Designer Charlotte Palmer-Lane created …you can read on and get to know the off-stage characters they play best. Allow me to introduce you to Eleanor, Chiara and Michael.

IMG_1917How many shows/season have you been with the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival?
 6 shows over 3 Summer Seasons. Also,  4 Christmas Carols and 1 education tour.
CM: 2 shows and it’s my first season!
MB: I’ve done 11 seasons with HVSF – 22 shows in total.

What is your favorite line from The Three Musketeers?
EH: “Life is different than we ever expected, but most of all life is an adventure!”
CM: “Does anybody have an EpiPen®?” (MB made it up as the King).
MB: “It’s not just a game you know it’s it’s it’s complicated…”

What is the funniest “non-scripted” moment from The Three Musketeers (while performing to a live audience)?

EH: I think the King’s cartwheel is hard to beat.
CM: When Mike (Borrelli) and I kiss and he sexually rungs my elbow skin. Gross but funny.
MB: When Ryan (Quinn) does the Thriller dance before he dies.


What words of advice you would offer your character over a cup of coffee?
 Have you thought about anger management classes?
CM: You are falling in love with GAY MEN!
MB: I would tell Louis he needs to pay less attention to himself and more attention to his lovers. And to get a haircut…

What was the most challenging aspect preparing for your role?
EH:  Definitely the fighting. I think I’m in four major fights, and that’s not counting the strangling and throat slitting and head banging and poisoning…. it’s a lot.
CM: Not too much. But being the straight man is hard work believe it or not.
IMG_2376MB: Learning to walk in those shoes and then doing a cartwheel in them.

Where are you headed when HVSF ends? How can I stalk you??
I’ll be playing the role of ‘Beth’ in Jericho at 59E59. It’s a wonderful play by Jack Canfora receiving it’s NYC off-Broadway premiere.
CM: I am going to South Carolina to do a production of Sherlock Holmes.  My website is
MB: You can find all upcomiong projects on my website

NOTE FROM CC: My favorite line in The Three Musketeers??
“Balls, balls…I LOVE BALLS!”
(Borrelli as King Louis XIII, joyously exclaiming at the concept of throwing a party for his birthday)

My 3M cast wish list:
:  Please ship your entire wardrobe to my UWS office.
CM: Split shipping with EH & include all of your jewels.
MB: Kindly record that line for me…so I can use it, with great enjoyment, as my iPhone ring-tone

3m collage

Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival’s productions of The Three Musketeers, King Lear and All’s Well that Ends Well are playing in repertory at Boscobel Gardens in Garrison, NY through September 1, 2013. CLICK TO PURCHASE TICKETS. 
Box Office: 845 – 265-​​9575

Don’t miss out on your HVSF experience – get your tickets now and enjoy all that the 2013 season has to offer.

*The Three Musketeers by Ken Ludwig (adapted from the novel by Alexandre Dumas)

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  1. Anne Copsky

    I would absolutely love to go t the Shakespeare Festival. Christabelle your interviews are really inspiring. I may have to make plans in the future to go to this. It sounds like so much fun and like it would be a really enjoyable adventure to attend this event.

  2. Kristin Radoch

    I love the story of The Three Musketeers although I have yet to go see it live. This was such a fun interview and I would love the opportunity to go see this show before it ends! Thanks for the great article!!

  3. Larry

    I took my wife out to seen this and it was great! She especially loved it. The cast was great and you could really tell how much they loved being there and performing. Thank you also for sharing such a great interview with us. It really helps me re-live many of the favorite on stage moments!

  4. Jessica Edwards

    This is such a great interview! I had a fun time reading it. I’m right there with you. I would want to try on all of those outfits too! Sounds like there are so many funny lines and entertaining moments. I would love the chance to see any of these actors perform.


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