I love my dog. I sometimes think I love him more than I love my own family. He is my life. He sleeps in our bed, he snuggles with me, heck – sometimes I think he even talks to me.  I love everything about him…except his breath.

That is why I was ELATED to discover a product that hit the market by Bamboo Pet Center called DOGTOIDS…yes, you heard me correctly.  Dogtoids Breath Mints for dogs that are ferociously flavored.  No more rancid smelling whoofs and arrfs with these delectable doggie treats made of human-grade ingredients. With natural flavors like beef, liver and fish that pooches love, there is also parsley to help freshen Fido’s breath (which we love!).

Got a kitty with a meow that leaves something to be desired…Bamboo Pet Center also launched CatToids. With tasty flavors they crave – like salmon and liver, CatToids also include taurine (an amino acid essential for Fluffy’s health) and parsley to combat the halitosis.

Both DogToids and CatToids Beath Mints come in stylish tins that can easily fit into a pocket or glove box – so it is ideal for the traveling pet (and for show animals!).  Made in the USA, they retail for $4.99 at retailers nationwide and on-line at

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