Dogs really are Woman’s best friend. A friend told me that in one language, the word for dog literally means “from the heart.” So, it’s okay if we treat dogs like our own children rather than animals. While I hope to have my own children some day, a dog is a heck of a lot easier to take care of than a child right now. So when you find yourself spending more time to shop for holiday presents for your dog rather than your boyfriend, it’s okay. Santa won’t put you on the “naughty” list. To be fair to your family and friends, I found some poochie-perfect stocking stuffers so you don’t have to search 5 malls for the perfect match.

To keep your puppy busy while you whip up a batch of waffles in the morn for you honey, you MUST stock up on some Doggy Tug toys. Made out of industrial elastic interwoven with industrial rubber AND sewn together with deep sea fishing line, these toys will last until your Louis Vuittton monogram bag goes out of style (clearly NEVER). And to be sure your little pup is totally protected, Doggy Tug toys are made free of toxins with 100% industrial white terry cloth. I can’t have poochie chewing on dye all day! PLUS they have sizes to fit every little furry friend out there!

To help support your New Year’s resolution of eating only healthy, organic food (I’m fine until I smell pizza down the block. I’m sorry, but organic pizza just doesn’t cut it as NEW YORK pizza.) get your hands on Wagatha Gourmet Organic Dog Biscuits. Made from only “human grade” ingredients—including wheat flour, flax seed, sunflower oil, garlic and honey to name a few—these organic biscuits are even loved by humans! Your puppy’s stocking will be far from empty once you fill it with all 4 flavors—Original, Tuscan Tomato with Italian Herbs, Breakfast Biscuit and Cranberry Cheddar. And don’t worry…you can even give Wagatha biscuits to your friend’s Jewish pup Shlomo down the block for Chanukah…they’re kosher!

Now that Fluffy is playing and eating like a rock star…make sure she struts her stuff right for the new year! Worthy of a walk down the runway, the worlds CUTEST collars, harnesses and leads (designed by Trish Hampton) are the IDEAL Christmas morning gift for any size pup. Imagine the delight in your dog’s eyes when she opens the very same polka dots and stripes that have been worn on the town on the celeb pups of Mariah Cary and Rachael Ray! Tres chic for your four-legged friend. Trish Hampton offers a variety of stylish designs for your male and female dogs, ranging from $24-$40.

novemeber-2008-031After all the excitement of the holidays, your pefect poochie will need to rest a weary head…give the gift of HILTON (no- not Paris!). The Hilton Hotels has just launched the most decadent Crypton Pet Pillow, designed by famed artist William Wegman (best known for his photographs of Weimaraner dogs). So whether you are travelling with your furry friend (Hilton launched a “Pet Friendly” program offering the finest accommodations for you and your pet at participating hotels) or chilling on the home front, your little Fido can catch ZZZ’s in the comfort of, well, the Hilton Hotel. Our office dog, Hitchcock, has not left in bed in days! He is the happiest pup I have ever seen now that he has a bed made for a king. Did you know participating Hilton’s also offer pet concierge service with information about local dog runs, veterinarian offices and pet boutiques in every city you travel to?  Talk about swanky for our furry friends!

Now that your fur-ball’s presents are covered…go shopping for your mother!!!

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