This blog is dedicated to my friend Haeri, whose name is literally pronounced “hairy” and whose hair is so uneventful that her trashy highlights during sophomore year made the morning news.

Summer weather can be brutal on your hair. New York humidity can even be downright evil. For all you fashionistas from Hot-lanta and Houston, I challenge you to come to NY and wait 10 minutes for a subway…it’s just as bad as Southern heat (but we have an added urine smell to ours)! I promise. Lucky for you (well, really me), I found three products to combat the evil stepmothers and Lex Luthors of hair. 

Before you can use any products or get a major haircut, you need to get to know your hair. Just how I’ve learned never to wear skinny jeans because they just don’t compliment my J-Lo curves, everyone should learn what products and styles go best with their hair. For some assistance in getting to know my own luscious locks, I turned to my fave famous hairdresser—Nick Arrojo from TLC’s “What Not to Wear”—and his new book, Great Hair. Our advance copy has rotated around the office twice so far…it may even compete with Cosmo for Elle Wood’s bible.  I know I told you before that I hate reading pages and pages of directions, so worry not! You don’t have to sit down and read this straight through. You can read in sections; find out what brush is best for your hair, what up-dos go best with the new dress you bought from Christabelle’s, and learn how to towel dry your hair correctly (squeeze! Don’t rub. Nick says rubbing makes more frizz!). His writing style makes reading each section exciting, like you’re learning about a whole new world of fabulousness.Great Hair hits stores October 1, 2008…go reserve your copy (SRP $21.95)…if not for you…for the sake of your tresses.

And while you’re out, make sure you pick up the Jane Carter Solution home grown hair care line to complement all your new hair IQ! This line, designed by veteran hair care professional Jane Carter, uses only natural ingredients (yes! Another added bonus). She actually refused to include artificial and synthetic ingredients—go Jane! She wanted to serve her diverse client base, and create products that could be used on all different hair types. The Moisture Nourishing Shampoo and Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner (SRP $13) made me feel like I was pouring a really creamy Jamba Juice smoothie on my head (in a totally sensual, I’m taking a shower in a rainforest kind of way). Yum! I could smell the ingredients as if I was standing in the middle of the farmer’s market in Union Square. Fresh, clean and absolutely fabulous – I am the Breck girl of the 21st Century…errr…the Jane girl!

The Get Glow line rounds out the pack with their all-natural hair care line. The ingredients—grapeseed extract, sea kelp, lavender and witch hazel to name a few—combine to keep your hair clean longer. The Light Reflector Frizz Eraser (SRP $19) was such a relief from my old smelly, chemically-polluted one…it even made my hair shine as bright as Michel Phelp’s 25 gold medals. What? He doesn’t have 25 yet? What a slacker. Light Reflector Frizz Eraser tamed even Christabelle’s frizzy hair (not sure if she wanted you all to know her hair is like an all natural, grown out perm!), smoothed split ends and added a touch of luster accenting my highlights beautifully. Our hair felt silky smooth to the touch, but remained grease-free (no frying burgers on these strands). Nah, Nah, Nah – Hey, Hey, Hey – GOODBYE FRIZZ!

So go pick up your new hair handbook Nick Arrojo’s Great Hair and your organic (yay!) Jane Carter Solution and Get Glow products to bring your hair back to life after a summer of heat kicking your hair’s butt. Take back your hair!

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  1. Kitty St Claire

    I am TOTALLY in love with the Jane Carter Solution line of products….the Nourish & Shine is literally like crack, I just can’t get enough! LOL And I use the Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner DAILY for conditioning and as a heat protectant when styling.

    OH, and did you know that her products are now available in Target?!? (GET EXCITED)



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