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“Where does time fly?”  This is what you will be asking yourself in a few years when they grow up and move on to college – and eventually out of the house.  Today might be their first day of school, but suddenly tomorrow you will be at their graduation.  In what seems like an instant; all the proms, graduations, field trips, and science fairs will be over and left as heartfelt memories.  Are you prepared to capture those memories?  Better question, are you prepared to share them?  With CEIVA Connected Digital Photo Frames™, you can easily share these important milestones in your family’s life –with grandparents and other loved ones, no matter where they are in the world.

Imagine taking a picture of your little ones holding their cool new lunch pails for their first day of school and being able to share it with grandma and grandpa even before your child comes off the school bus that same day.  Share pictures of every school dance, every home coming, and every show-and-tell.  Send photos easily from your Android or iPhone, from sites like Facebook and Shutterfly, or send them straight to the frame’s email address. Your friends and family will love experiencing the excitement and pride of your child growing up.

Worried that grandma and grandpa might not know how to receive these images on their CEIVA connected digital photo frame? CEIVA frames automatically display photos sent from loved ones— all without them having to do a thing.  You can even manage their frame from your computer and invite other family and friends to send photos as well.

CEIVA ’s unique PicturePlan® photo delivery service allows frames to connect via phone or optional Wi-Fi and display photos in a colorful slideshow.  CEIVA’s signature blue light indicates that photos have arrived.   Additional features include CEIVA Channels like New York Times, ABC News, ESPN Sports Scores and you can even create your own digital photo calendar.  And the best part?  With an active service plan, CEIVA will fix or replace your frame for free!  Even if the cat knocks it into the sink!

All frames come with one year of photo delivery service and service plans begin at $6.95 per month thereafter.  Full-time, toll-free U.S. based Customer Care is available by calling 1-877-692-3482.  CEIVA products are sold exclusively online at

About CEIVA Logic, Inc.

CEIVA,, (see-va) the inventor of connected digital photo frames, provides lifestyle-enhancing products that enable families and friends to automatically share and display an endless slideshow of all their treasured photos. CEIVA Digital Photo Frames™ with PicturePlan® allow members to send photos directly to the frame from anywhere in the world, store an unlimited number of photos online and enjoy the worry-free PicturePlan® Lifetime Warranty. Patented technology exclusively from CEIVA is designed for every generation to use with ease so that daily photo sharing is always a rewarding experience. CEIVA products are available at and at select retailers. CEIVA headquarters are located in Burbank, CA.


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