When you are on the computer as much as I am, the gadgets that accompany it (plug, cords,  mouse, heck, – even the laptop itself) need to be colorful, playful and fun. Lord knows, my laptop spends more quality time sitting with me than my boyfriend does, so it has to be visually appealing (in every sense of the word). With a new pink Dell laptop delivered earlier this year, pink rhinestones bedazzling the front logo circle and a hot pink and black polka dot mouse pad, you would think I would already be on sensory overload. But I longed for more.

Enter, Mimobot designer USB flash drives by Mimoco. Mimoco answered my calling for more spirited computer accessories and then went mach speed with it. I adopted the cutie on the left – the Fairybit Fairybot, a member of the mimobot Core Series 2. With her sweet little face and her butterfly wings, the attention she receives is unreal. I remove her hooded sweatshirt (yes, she came with a freakin’ jacket with room for her ears!) and people go wild. It is the perfect little pick-me-up for any over-worked, “been-on-my-computer-so-long-my-eyes-are-bleeding” buddy of yours for the upcoming holiday season! Available in 1, 2, 4 and 8 GB (ranging in price from $35 – $105 depending on size).

These little animated flash drives aren’t just for chicks…Mimoco has created an entire collection of computer critters to fulfill every geek’s desire. From the Stars Wars characters, Flippy Gory to  Rasta Domo and so many more –

there is a Mimobot waiting to live in YOUR computer. Check them all out at

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