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You have used them for free therapy sessions. Cried in your beer and nachos. Asked them to be your personal bodyguards. Sometimes demanded cocktails that don’t really exist…And OBVIOUSLY tipped them generously at the end of a long evening.

Now a tip for YOU…help out your favorite bartender and vote for them in Time Out New York’s ‘Best Bartender 2015’ contest.

From timeout.com:
Bartenders are such a big part of our day-to-day life in New York that it’s easy to take them for granted, but where would we be without their beer-pouring, drink-mixing, sob-story–listening, make-all-your-evenings-magical-through-the-power-of-booze ways? That’s why we’re celebrating them with a competition to find the absolute best bartender in NYC. Your votes will decide who gets crowned the champion, so scour all those beer bars, rooftop bars and romantic bars (don’t worry, it’s “research”), and get your favorites to nominate themselves below. Check in on March 5 to see if your pick cracked the top 100, then cast your vote!

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