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Crafting CupCakes...Brewing up Baked Beer Goods with Samuel Adams

Crafting CupCakes…Brewing up Baked Beer Goods

For those that are experienced in the kitchen, wine may be a familiar ingredient to cook with, but many people don’t even consider using craft beer in their recipes. While it may not be commonplace quite yet, more and more people are learning that craft beer can add a flavorful dimension to a variety of dishes. Whether you’re an accomplished cook and a craft beer connoisseur, or just starting to build your culinary and beer knowledge, a few simple tips will help anyone create a meal that is sure to impress.
5 Easy and Tasty BIB ideas for Mom (breakfast-in-bed)...

5 Easy and Tasty BIB ideas for Mom (breakfast-in-bed)…

We all know that mothers are usually awake long before their children and sometimes husbands on school and work days, prepping just about everything for the morning rush. She makes lunches, begins breakfast, makes sure the bathroom is prepared for chaos, makes sure clean clothes are within reach for the day, and the list goes on and on. Point blank, YOUR MOTHER DESERVES A DAY OF REST AND PAMPERING!We guarantee she would very much enjoy for the tables to be turned, with the family prepping everything in the morning, and not for chaos, but rather for her day of much needed relaxation! This all begins with her sleeping in and waking up to the magic of breakfast in bed- and we don't mean just some cereal thrown in a bowl and given to her!We have created a list of 6 of the best, delicious yet simple breakfast in bed ideas for any family to prepare and give to their mother the morning of Mother's Day, kicking off a wonderful day honoring her and all of her needs :)