Cool Peep of the Week

Cool Peep of the Week: Getting to Know Uwe

Cool Peep of the Week: Getting to Know Uwe

Who is this “Cool Peep”? I am Uwe. I grew up in Munich and now live in Berlin for the last 10 years. From directing music videos for bands like Depeche Mode, Rammstein and A-ha I moved on to producing Apps and now created the independent, filter based App Search Engine

Cool Peep: Ruth Roche, Hair Goddess…

Ruth Roche is Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care,specializing in design and finishing. She is also an established celebrity stylist (Anne Hathaway, Claire Danes, Amy Adams, Jenna Fischer, Mariah Carey…) and maintains a loyal clientele at RARE Salon in NYC, where she is both founder and creative director. Her work has been published in countless magazines, including Bazaar, Nylon, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Culture, More, American Salon and Modern Salon (portfolio). Stylists from around the world fuel their creative fire with her and consumers and celebrities are attracted to her down-to-earth edgy approach to hair. Roche makes everyday a good hair day!
tom la vecchia

Cool Peep: Thomas La Vecchia, X Factor Digital Marketing President

WHO IS THIS COOL PEEP? X Factor Digital Marketing President: Tom La Vecchia I am Jersey born, bred and proud and currently reside in Metuchen, NJ (with my beautiful family). I’ve spent 20 years in the Corporate world and frankly loved every minute of it. I have sold everything from heart medication to the Botox competitor. I love to sell and that is truly my passion. I’ve sold over $100 million in goods and services over 10 years and wanted to share my secret sauce with the rest of the world. I authored The X Factor Selling System which is simply a way to influence others through what I call the 4Ps: People, Product, Process and Price. By knowing which “P” motivates someone it makes it easier to get them to do what you intend. It’s a short book that is straight and to the point. It has hit the National Best Seller List for Amazon and has continued to grow quickly up the charts. After writing the book, I noticed that the traditional sales paradigm had shifted to digital means; customers still buy, but simply through a different medium. That is why I branched out into Digital Marketing.

Cool Peep: Scott Ramsay

WHO IS THIS COOL PEEP? PHOTOGRAPHER/MUSICIAN: SCOTT RAMSAY I currently live in Austin,Texas and have since 1998, grew up in Maine and went to college in Scottsdale, AZ. I have also lived in San Diego, Ca and spent 13 years in the Rocky Mountains of Steamboat Springs, CO. I have had either a camera or a guitar in my hand for over 30 years. Photography and music are my passions and have dominated every part of my life since the age of 13. As a young photographer I spent years trying to figure out what my “style” was only to realize my style and approach to shooting is ever changing and fluid. I have had the pleasure of working with many companies and individuals on everything from product catalogs and fashion spreads to architecture, music and swimwear.

Cool Peep: Michael Satow…Say Whahhh?

WHO IS THIS COOL PEEP? ACTOR MICHAEL SATOW (pronounced sayt-ow) Born and bred New Yorker, although I've never been identified as one by my accent. People often ask if I'm from the Midwest. I'm originally from Queens, grew up in the suburbs, and went to college at Northeastern University in Boston. Then I came back here, went to a conservatory called the Maggie Flanigan Studio and continued working professionally. I'm an actor by trade, a musician for fun, and a human for the record.