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Ortaggi! Guilt-Free Frozen Yumminess?! Talk about a Treat!

When Christina told Kara and I we would be attending the launch of Ortaggi at Flywheel NYC (which included an intense spin class) my first thought was 'Hold up...If we are going to get a great work-out, why would we ruin it by eating sorbet right after?' (Which I can assume would be the thought of most). Then the good news came - Ortaggi wasn't a sugary processed sorbet at all, but instead a certified organic, preservative and dairy free, 100% natural and vegan cold and creamy treat made from vegetables, fruit juices and herbs- Now that's a snack that's post work-out worthy!
Gift Guide: 4 Gift Ideas for the High Maintenance Dad...

Gift Guide: 4 Gift Ideas for the High Maintenance Dad…

Your dad spends more time in the bathroom than you do. He coifs his hair to perfection, spritzes the perfect balance of cologne on his neck, chest and body, and he likes his EVERYTHING wrinkle free (including his boxer briefs) - he is HIGH MAINTENANCE, PEACOCK dad. Often referred to as the gayest-straight man on the block. What to get him for Father's Day? Read on...
last minute gifts for mother's day

9 ‘Did You Really Wait Until The Day of?’ Gift Ideas

Did you really? After all my reminding - my suggestions and my gently prodding - you failed to buy that special lady in your life a Mother's Day present. Now it is the morning of and you are in a panic (and very well might be reading this from your iPad - from the bathroom - as you settle your nervous stomach). Fear not procrastinators! I still have some great ideas to help you out today. Ideas that will not only save your rear, but will make you look super creative and incredibly innovative (and not in the least bit LAST MINUTE ANNIE). Your welcome (and while I have you, mark your 2015 calendar NOW, so we don't have this issue again).
7 Mother's Day Gifts for New Moms (since babies can't buy pressies!)

7 Mother’s Day Gifts for New Moms (since babies can’t buy pressies!)

There are so many exciting things for new moms to look forward to after becoming a mother for the first time. One of the biggest new experiences they get to have is being the center of attention on one holiday that they weren't able to be before- Mother's Day! Help to make the new mommy's first Mother's Day special by getting her something she will love and enjoy upon embarking on this new journey of her life. Check out our picks of 7 wonderful new mom gift ideas for Mother's Day and help to make her first mommy holiday a memorable one!
Mamma dealt with your drape her in these fab 8 jewelry pressies...

Mamma dealt with your drama…now drape her in these fab 8 pressies…

Jewelry is one of the best gifts when it comes to letting someone know that you love them, you appreciate them, and they are special to you. Mother's Day is a special holiday to show your gratitude for the women in your life who have shown you unconditional love, taken care of you in your times of need, and made sacrifices to ensure that YOU become the best you can be. Honor and thank her and buy her these GORGE pressies for Mom's Day (smile and squeal guaranteed when opened).
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Top 10 for Men: Holiday Gift Guide

If your man is anything like mine, he says he doesn't want any gifts (and I am the best gift he could ever ask for...true dat!). But we all know that when I pretend I have not bought him something he sulks in the corner like a little boy. Skip the annoyance of asking him what he wants and just use our top ten gift ideas for HIM below... Top 10 for Men Gifts for Under the Tree or Bush
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12 Gifts for City Dwellers and Tiny Apartments

I lovingly call my apartment a shoe-box - for two reasons. 1. because there are SO MANY GORGEOUS SHOES inside it, but more accurately 2. because living in NYC generally means your apartment is that size - better know as CHARMING, COZY or in layman's terms SMALL. Apartment Guide has some great suggestions for the perfect gifts for small space living...I'm totally digging the Shower Speakers if anyone wants to buy me a pressie :) 12 Gifts for those Living in Cozy Quarters