lingerie beyonce wore Liviara powder blueCeleb Get That: Beyonce Pregnancy Announcement Lingerie

As recently seen on Beyonce for her Instagram Pregnancy Announcement – Dauphine Powder Blue Lingerie Set by Liviara

lingerie beyonce wore Liviara powder blueWant to wear the lingerie Beyonce wears? Liviara is a must-have this Valentine’s Day. It’s definitely a gift for him and her!  Liviara is a St. Louis based lingerie company using fine silks, laces and gold plated hardware. Every piece is proudly made in the USA. Inspired by Marie Antoinette, Liviara separates its collections into “Beloved” and “Condemned,” as Marie Antoinette was once beloved before she was condemned by her own people. The Beloved collection features softer colors, sweetheart cuts and presents a playful vibe. Conversely, the Condemned collection is more bold, daring and provocative.

If Liviara is good enough for Beyoncé to wear to announce her pregnancy to the world, its good enough for your Valentine’s Day.

Shop the collection now at Throne made of flowers holding up Beyoncé not included. Follow Liviara on Instagram – @liviarausa

Where to Buy Beyonce Lingerie:

What it will Cost You: $300.00


Liviara is created and from the finest silk and lace, handmade by Americans in the United States, ensuring remarkable quality. With an emphasis on excellent conditions, Liviara workshops are designed to be enjoyable for employees as they create these extraordinary pieces. 

Passion is behind every step of the creation of Liviara lingerie. The collections explore both sides of felinity, from the soft and sensual to the regal and rebellious. Liviara’s founders are inspired by the spirit of the everyday woman, who knows what she wants and how to attain it. 

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