Queen Oprah (love her!) Per Oprah’s orders, I’m starting to use anti-aging products NOW. I don’t remember what episode one of her guests said it, I don’t even remember how old I was when I heard it. But if Oprah said it, it MUST be true (all hail to Queen Oprah). I can just imagine my next doctor’s appointment–telling doc that I’m using anti-aging face creams and answering her puzzled look with “Oprah said I should” and that being an acceptable response. But yes, I am now using anti-aging products. It’s never too early to start! Prevention is half the battle…right, ladies? Om Aroma Beauty Ritual Collection

Since you know by now that I am utterly amazed by organic products, I recently invested in the Beauty Ritual Collection from the fine folks over at Om Aroma & Co. The “7-Step ULTIMATE Age-Defying Beauty Ritual” covers every step of attaining younger-looking skin (SRP $348). Because you only complete the whole regimen once or twice a week, it won’t bog down your morning routine – and trust me it is worth the price (I mean – there are 7 products in this kit!). Each product contains exotic extracts spanning the whole plant kingdom—papaya, apricots, Champagne grapeseeds, powdered pearls, honey and chamomile – sounds like a buffet of the Gods, right?  My favorite members of the group are the Crème Luxe and the Champagne Facial Cleanser. The cream kept my face moisturized for hours without making my  makeup clump. I could feel the cleanser gently exfoliating, without being too harsh on my skin. It left me feeling fresh and rejuvenated . For complete relaxation while you shop, check out OmAroma.com – even the music on their website will put you in luxuriously zen state (the founder of the company is also a concert pianist).

Now we all know that sometimes, a little extra help is needed. Turning back the clock on your skin can sometimes allow little buggers to sneak in. ESPECIALLY those pre-period pimples. If these sly, stubborn skin ailments don’t affect your face, I envy you! But for all of you ladies who share my frustration out there, I have the perfect solution Organic Tea Tree Oil from Desert Essence (SRP $8.99). Just a dab on the troubled spot with a cotton pad and POOF! It’s almost gone by the next morning (they even make a Tea Tree Oil Blemish Touch Stick that you can keep in your purse). After years of rotating everything on the CVS shelf, I’ve finally found my Excalibur.

After making your skin beautiful au natural with Om Aroma & Co and Desert Essence, you can stop worrying about your skin and start worrying that your subscription to InStyle is running out.

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