By JackieBelle
The temperature in Florida is always 73 degrees.  Not outside, but in movie theaters, restaurants, doctors’ offices, malls, and pretty much every single public place that’s ever been built since air conditioning was invented.  The reason I tell you this is not so you will be well prepared should you ever find yourself in need of such trivia, but to illustrate the predicament Florida girls find themselves in every summer of their working lives.  On the way to work dainty little summer tops look adorable, but when they get to work they are immediately covered up by a sweater because while 73 degrees is a perfect temperature outside in the park on a beautiful sunny day, it’s freezing if you’re sitting under a high-powered vent in an icy little cubicle inside an office building.  It’s ninety-five-thousand degrees outside and the poor girls are wearing last winter’s Merino wool.  While doing my time in the cubicle I actually wished for some kind of sock for my arms to keep them warm while I typed.  Like leg warmers, but for arms.  It was probably better for my career that I didn’t have the nerve to show up for work with my grey and pink argyles on my arms, but my morale suffered.  A girl can only wear so many sweaters in July without feeling dowdy.  Imagine my surprised delight when I came across CH*Armz–  they are as comfy as a leg warmer for your arms, and they’re actually really cute!
Carlie Tracey was inspired by the weather in Los Angeles to create something that would help transition back and forth from chilly mornings, through the warm days, and then back into the chilly evenings, and she wanted to wear her summer clothes without needing bulky sweaters and cardigans; in short, she wanted to be both warm and cute- a girl after my own heart!  The first collection of these clever little inventions is available online now and offers something for everyone- there is a great variety of colors and prints.  If you are anything like me and your closet is a sea of black and gray, you will love the solid black or the Grey Mod Graphic.  If you like a splash of color, don’t miss the Maroon/Blue Stained Glass pattern.  I’m a huge fan of having interchangeable pieces that make a layered look, and I stopped swapping comfort for style ages ago, so when I saw CH*Armz they shot straight to the top of my holiday gift idea list this year!  Carlie Tracey, on behalf of cold yet stylish and warm yet bulky girls everywhere:  I salute you with my adorable Grey Mod Graphic arm!

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