By JackieBelle
Among Fashion Week’s elite and key trend setters, chic-ness was measured down to even the smallest of accessories.  Lesson learned:  Don’t fall victim to the fashion police and use a chewed up, gasp, BIC pen!  You don’t want to be the one everyone is talking about unless they are saying good things!  Case in point:  This is an actual excerpt from an actual conversation I overheard last year:  “I loved, loved, LOVED her dress, and her shoes were walking works of art, but what was up with the mangled Papermate she pulled out of her purse?”  Ouch.  I would hate to be that girl.  Not sure where to turn for a stylish pen?  For true style and class, try the Parker Pen Collection.
The Parker Sonnet Sterling Silver Pen (Ranging from $208 to $341) has a distinctive image, enhanced by the ciselé décor.  This beautiful pen has a precious 925/1000 Sterling Silver chiseled finish and is sleekly paired with the emblematic Parker arrow clip.
If you spent too much on your Fashion Week outfits, consider the Parker Urban Premium Ebony Metal Chiselled Pen (Ranging from $40 to $65).  This innovative pen is dynamic, curvy and oh-so-smooth.  The black iridescent and metallic colored lacquers combine for an utmost contemporary design.
This is not a dramatization:  Last spring, while strolling the strip in South Beach, I personally witnessed a poorly be-penned Fashionista get hit over the head with a diamond encrusted baton wielded by a member of the South Beach Fashion Police- and I don’t want this to happen to you!  So got to and arm yourself with style!

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