A Christmas Act of Kindness…How 1 Person Can Change the World

The world needs more people like Alyssa Rispoli – this I am certain

As you know, we have started a “Pay it Forward” section of our blog. A place where we can help to spread the word via GoFundMe.com profiles; a way of helping one another in time of need. No matter where we are; no matter who we are; no matter what amount we have to give – even if that gift isn’t monetary, but spiritual in a prayer or a virtual hug.

My Christmas Eve began with tears, as my mother passed this October and this will be our first Christmas without her. It has been difficult to partake in the “holiday cheer”. It has been near impossible to hear a Christmas song without bursting into tears. I have done what I can to keep with some traditions…but where I usually have a slew of gifts under the tree beautifully wrapped…I didn’t put up a tree this year and there were no gifts purchased. Not because I am a Grinch – but because my family believed that there was no greater gift than that of being together (even minus 1 very important team member).

I decided I wanted to donate the money I squirreled away for tiny gifts. A small amount that I could offer to multiple people, to perhaps bring them some happiness as we close out 2016. A gift from a stranger to a stranger seemed like a truly blessed way to spend that money. Perhaps it was more for me – to help keep my own heart open with love, even during what has been the most painful road I have travelled.

As I looked through the stories on GoFundMe.com – this particular story stood out. “Christmas Random Act of Kindness”  – it resonated – it urged me to read on.

I was so moved by what I read, that I felt the need to share it with all of you. No matter where we are today – good day or bad – what a poignant reminder of how gorgeous people can be to one another. Though the holiday time can traditionally be a “not so merry” season for many, sometimes all we need is a person like Alyssa Rispoli from Missouri to change our entire viewpoint on human kindness. Sometimes all we need is someone like her to remind us that miracles and magic DO happen.

I personally want to thank Alyssa for her open heart, her kind nature and her faith in humanity. You have done such an amazing thing for a complete stranger named Joe. You have changed his life forever. But know, Alyssa, you have not only given him hope…you have reinstated hope in the rest of us in doing so.

I wanted you to know how much you have not only altered Joe’s life and outlook on it – but how you have impacted mine here in New York City, as well. And no doubt…you are about to change many more, as they read your tale of pure love and generosity.

THE STORY FROM GO FUND ME: How Alyssa Rispoli changed a stranger’s life forever

Update from Alyssa: Joe got his car this morning!!! He was speechless!! I told him there were over 67 people who donated and he said thank you to each and every one of you!!!!! He said he never thought something like this would happen to him. He got a car, car washes, oil changes, and a check with the extra money! Merry Christmas!!! God bless you all!

My name is Alyssa, but that doesn’t matter. I am raising money for a guy named Joe. Joe doesn’t really know me and I don’t really know Joe. So here’s the story;

I usually don’t give random people rides, because I know it is unsafe, but sometimes you do what God tells you to do, even if you don’t want to do it. So I was driving down the road to work one afternoon and I saw a man walking, and it was freezing cold outside, I pulled up next to him and said, “Hey! Do you need a ride?” and he said, “Yes, please!” I knew he was freezing walking because I was freezing in my car!!! I gave him a ride to his second job not a few miles down the street, which he said takes him a little over an hour to walk everyday. He is currently working two lower paying fast food jobs, and is saving up for a car, he said hopefully he will have in a few months. That was it!!!

I dropped him off, he couldn’t thank me enough, and I was on my way. Fast forward a day or two and I went into his work to get some food. He saw me and came up to me and remembered my name and greeted me with joy. I asked him how everything was going and he said great! I asked him if he had to work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and he said yes. And that was it.

christmas random act of kindness

Update from Alyssa: Here is a picture of Joe signing the title to his car!

That’s when I got to thinking. Wouldn’t it be awesome to go up to his work on Christmas Eve and offer him a ride home, when he says yes, throw him some keys and say Merry Christmas!

I would like to raise a few thousand dollars to get Joe, a complete stranger, a car for Christmas. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, just something that runs and can get him from job to job in this cold weather.

I don’t know Joe, but I do know he is working hard, and a nice man. I would like my friends and family to donate money for his car instead of getting me any presents for Christmas, I would like my Christmas present to be Joe’s. Christmas isn’t about getting presents, or who has the best lights, its about giving.

If I hit the goal, I will buy him the nicest used car I can find. If I don’t hit the goal I will give him the money to put towards his car funds. Thank you in advance! 

You never realize the impact you can have on an individuals life. If you are looking for a miracle, then be someone else’s. Merry Christmas!

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