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Forget the ties and cuff links, why not treat Dad to something he’ll really appreciate: a delicious cocktail. Ketel One Vodka is a premium vodka perfect for special occasions. It’s made using only the finest European Winter Wheat, which brings smoothness, sophistication and freshness to the spirit.

Show Dad how much you care by mixing him an ‘Apple of My Eye’. For any of the other Father’s in your life (cheers to you, Grandpa!), the ‘#1 Dad’ and You Earned This One make for a very special treat. For all the classic dads out there, you can never go wrong by drinking your Ketel One Vodka on the rocks.

Ketel One Vodka Father’s Day Cocktails

You Earned ThisYou Earned This One

1              oz            Ketel Oranje
.5            oz            Peach Liqueur
.25          oz            Lemon Juice
.5            oz            Simple Syrup
Top:                       Iced Tea
Glass:                    Collins
Ice:                         Yes
Garnish:                Lemon Wedge, Mint Bouquet

Shake.  Strain.

#1 Dad#1 Dad

1.25        oz            Ketel One
.5            oz            Fresh Lime Juice
.5            oz            Ginger Syrup

Bottom:                Soda Water
Top:                      Black Strap Rum
Glass:                    Collins
Ice:                         Yes
Garnish:                Lime Wheel

Shake.  Strain.  Top with Black Strap Rum.

Apple of My EyeApple of My Eye

1          oz        Ketel One Citroen
.5         oz        Laird’s Bonded Apple Brandy
.25       oz        Maple Syrup
1          dash     Angostura Bitters
Glass:               Rocks
Ice:                  Yes
Garnish:           Apple Wedge
Stir.  Strain.






**21 and over  – please drink responsibly **

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