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New Zealand is a world away, where seasons are flipped (the Kiwis are currently experiencing a gorgeous summer), time is separated by a minimum of 18 hours and February 6th marks Waitangi (pronounced y-tangy) Day, or Independence Day. This important date celebrates the signing of New Zealand’s founding document, the Treaty of Waitangi, a holiday New Zealanders celebrates with music, dance, naval salutes and more. As the official end to summer, Waitangi Day is full of outdoor activities, festivals and concerts amid the vibrant blooming flowers (like the native Rata flower).

Fresh out of New Zealand is Broken Shed Vodka,  is one of the few vodkas on the market that is additive free (and GLUTEN FREE), making it extremely pure (just like me…I hear you snickering peanut gallery). Bottoms up…!

The Broken Flower
1 part Broken Shed
1 part Soda Water
Healthy drop of Elderflower liqueur
Pour over ice and garnish with sliced cucumber

(21+ – please drink responsibly)

christina carathanassis

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