Cocktail of the Week: Caribbean Drinks on my Mind

When you think Caribbean – you think COCKTAILS by the water. Ok, ok – at least that is what I think about. What better than to replicate delicious drinks made  in Trinidad and Turks and Caicos? Nothing is the answer. NOTHING is better. Check out amazing cocktail recipes below thanks to Hyatt Regency and Ocean Club Resorts.

Hyatt Regency Trinidad, the Caribbean’s leading business hotel, was featured by USA Today as having one of the “Coolest Caribbean Lobby Bars” in 2015. Ocean Club Resorts is located on the world-renowned Grace Bay Beach, named as the “Top Beach in the World” by TripAdvisor’s Traveler’s Choice Awards in 2016. With two all-suite properties, Ocean Club Resorts is an ideal getaway for couples, families, groups and multigenerational travel. Please see the below signature cocktails to be enjoyed at these two Caribbean properties.


The Trini Woman at Hyatt Regency Trinidad is a combination of Angostura Single Barrel rum (made in Trinidad), ginger syrup, local passion fruit juice and Angostura Aromatic Bitters. This what-dreams-are-made-of concoction, like its name, packs a pretty punch. And there’s no place better in the world to enjoy it than in the sophisticated and stylish lobby Lounge at Hyatt Regency Trinidad. Contemporary design, waterfront views and unequalled service add the quintessential Caribbean context that further serves to enhance the experience.

The ingredients:

1 ¼ oz. Angostura Single Barrel Rum

¼ oz. Ginger Syrup

1 oz.  Passionfruit juice

1 oz.  Mango Puree

A Dash of Bitters

Mix ingredients, stir and serve in a tall glass on the rocks.

Koo Koo Cabana-CC


With the wind whispering through patio umbrellas, the beach at your feet and epic sunsets front and center, happy hour at Cabana Bar & Grill at Ocean Club Resorts in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos, couldn’t be happier.  Patrons can leisurely raise their glasses and sip contentedly on refreshing beverages and specialty drinks like the Koo-Koo Cabana, a light and refreshing melon cocktail infused with Caribbean Culture. A mixture of vodka, melon liqueur, coconut rum, sour mix and pineapple juice, the Koo-Koo cabana is shaken with love…and you can feel it with each sip.

Property guests and other visitors can sample the Koo-Koo Cabana and other cocktails from 5 -6 p.m. when all alcoholic drinks are $1.00 off.  There also are discounted drinks that change daily. 

The ingredients:

1/2 oz melon liquour

1/2 oz coconut rum

1/2 oz vodka

1/2 oz sour mix

Fill to brim with pineapple juice

Shaken with love, Served in a tall glass on the rocks. Garnish with lime and orange wedge.

Drink Photo Credit: Dane Wee-Tom       
21+ / please drink responsibly

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