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christina carathanassis

My neighbor (and Cuban bestie) Kim and I are NOT big drinkers. The mere sound of a cork being pulled from a resistant wine bottle is enough to give us both a good buzz.  But many a night after work, we are looking to relax after along day – before our boys come home from the gym. And now that the cold weather has hit us all hard, Kim and I concocted what we like to think is the ULTIMATE Hot Toddy – created by two hot toddies (of the Cuban and Greek/Italian decent – so you know this drink has ‘tude and passion;  with a splash of Irish  – so you know you will have a smile on your face as you sip).


Christina Carathanassis


  1. Pour hot water into mug and add tea bag
  2. Add lemon, honey and whiskey,  stir
  3. Add Apple Pie Spice, stir
  4. Let steep for 5 minutes
  5. Add a full Cinnamon Stick for extra flavor and decor
  6. Sip and enjoy…ahhhhhhhhh

Kimmy and I like to drink our Hot Toddies in our matching monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie…what are you drinking yours in?

(21+ – please drink responsibly)

christina carathanassis

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