Cocktail of the Week: Waikiki Sunset with iichiko BLU

iichiko BLU cocktail recipesWith winter upon us, it seems like the ease and breeze of summertime will never come back. Create your own winter getaway with this sweet and fruity cocktail, made with iichiko BLU shochu. Mixed with peach liqueur, pineapple juice, and strawberry syrup, the Waikiki Sunset will help you create your own winter getaway in your own kitchen. Bonus, shochu contains less acetaldehyde—the pesky chemical that causes hangovers—than most spirits. Keep the flavor, lose the hangover!

BLŪ is made from 100% barley (barley and barley koji) and produced using a single distillation process combining techniques of low-pressure and atmospheric distillation. Bright and clear in color, BLŪ is bursting with aromas of ripe melon and fresh lychee. It presents a lush yet light feel with fleshy fruit flavors continuing on the palate. The finish is subtle, marked by a hint of candied ginger 30%/ABV

iichiko BLU is available exclusively in Hawaii at on-premise locations only.

Waikiki Sunset cocktail recipe

Waikiki Sunset Ingredients:
1.5 oz iichiko BLU
1 oz peach liqueur
Pineapple juice
2 drops strawberry syrup

Mixing Instructions:

Add iichiko and peach liqueur into an ice-filled glass and fill with pineapple juice. Pour in cherry syrup slowly. Garnish with a cherry.

21+ / please drink responsibly

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