Create this FABULOUS Valentine’s Day cocktail of the week at home…no need to blow the budget or brave the winter chill waiting in long lines when you can woo your honey with a candle-lit meal, a cozy bar, a warm fire and lots of love sparks.

Cocktail of the Week: Romance…the cocktail for Valentine’s Day

Romance the cocktail The brainchild of three of Hyatt Regency Trinidad’s finest bartendersLike the Piper-Brut Rose wine at its base, Romance the cocktail, is classic, structured, full-bodied and bursting with fruity flavor. Each sip leaves the drinker starry-eyed, dreamy and in love…with its fresh and intense taste and with the object of his/her affection. The brainchild of three of Hyatt Regency Trinidad’s finest bartenders: Mark, Deisha and Ricard, Romance is a refreshing and elegant cocktail that embraces the vibrant spirit of the dual-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago and embodies love in its truest form.


  • 1oz Pink Guava Mix
  • 1oz Strawberry Mix
  • Top with Piper-Brut Rose
  • 1 Fresh strawberry sliced into four
  • 1 Fresh strawberry four Garnish

Mixing Instructions:

Using a poco grande glass, use white sugar to rim the glass. Pour ingredients into glass using the building method. First place the four slices of strawberry into glass, then add 1 oz. strawberry mix, add 1 oz. pink guava. Ice is then added to the glass and topped off with piper-brut rose champagne. Glass is garnished with sugar and one fresh strawberry which is sliced in the center and placed on the edge of the glass. ( To further set the mood, serve accompanied to rhythmic soca, calypso or steel pan music)

21+ / please drink responsibly

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