Cupcoats at the Christabelle's Closet office in NYC!I love the summer. I do. I really love my Starbucks hot coffee. My friends have tried for years to convert me to iced coffee, but I just won’t budge. There is something to be said about a steaming cup French Vanilla java with a smidge of cream and a pinch of Splenda (if you want to get Christabelle a stocking stuffer this year, just throw a packet or 2 of Splenda her way. She is obsessed). But hot summer + holding hot coffee on the way to work = me sweating up a storm on the already 110 degree subway. Not to mention the rain forests I am depleting using those paper sleeves on the cup to avoid getting third degree burns on my hands (sometimes I stack on 3!). If I’m going to save the world by the time I’m 30, I need to get serious about my coffee drinking (I think I watched Legally Blonde too much this weekend).

i-heart-coffee-shirt-732228-732305So when I uncovered the world of Cupcoat Expressions  (SRP $7.75 – $10.00), I bought one for everyone in the office – and announced our eco-coffee cup couture lifestyle had officially begun. These reusable, machine washable and quite fashionable sleeves insulate drinks to keep their original temperature (hot or cold!). I know, I know. I should be using a thermos of some kind. But they’re bulky and so 3rd grade. Besides, a thermos won’t fit into my Chanel clutch, but Cupcoats do – hell they fit in my wallet!  Available in a myriad of shades and designs (girlie, floral, tigress, stripey and even manly), there is definitely a CupCoat out there to serve every personality. And if you need some newness sprinkled in your java-guzzling life, prints are updated every 6 weeks! My personal favorite is their best seller- the The FAMOUS Coffee BEAN BAG Cupcoat. It’s made out of old coffee bean bags…very rustic and oh-so “green”. So log onto and pick your very own coffee character for every day of the week!  Oh – and free shipping to US and Canada…we love FREE!

Christina Carathanassis is an award winning lifestyle blogger living in NYC.Christina Carathanassis is an award winning lifestyle blogger living in NYC.

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