With one month until Valentine’s Day left on the clock…it is TIME TO GET PLANNING! Take your sweetie by surprise and whisk them away on a weekend retreat – just the two of you. Plenty of time for snuggling, R&R and romance for you, since Valentine’s Day falls on a SATURDAY this year! Plan now and get the most “bang for your buck” for your weekend sojourn. Whether you are heading to Hollywood, Florida or Hollywood, California (or even Hollywood, South Carolina…yes, it really does exist!)…there are deals to be had at all the major airlines. Jet Blue is my personal preference when flying ANYWHERE domestically – AND if you are in the NYC area, there are additional treats to be had with their newly redesigned terminal at JFK airport – T5. I hear it is quite the place to be!

Once the trip is booked, get romantically creative with your “gift of travel” and plot little hints around that house that will lead your lover to the prize. Some fault-proof ideas for you

  • Head over to your favorite pharmacy and pick up some travel sized toiletries, wrap them up and leave them on your honey’s towel in the bathroom with a note – “Fly Away with me”. Burt’s Bees has an adorable travel set that can be purchased at

    Clava's heart shaped leather luggage tags, $14,

  • Call your local AAA and have them send you travel guides and maps to the location you are heading. Open the map and spread it out on the kitchen table. Take a red sharpie and circle your vacation spot with a big, red heart for a morning surprise!
  • Purchase a luggage tag – Clava Leather Goods has the most adorable leather, heart shaped luggage tags for only $14 – hang it from her purse or his briefcase and inside the clear address compartment, write the name of the location you are headed for your trip…

For great travel deals and ideas, check out, or – BON VOYAGE – send us a postcard!

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