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Cool Peep: American Pop Artist Azra

Who is this “Cool Peep”?

I am a pop artist, singer, songwriter, dancer, and entrepreneur. My passion is my art and my fulfillment comes from inspiring people. I was born in South Korea, grew up in Northern California and now I live in Los Angeles with frequent trips to NY/the East Coast.  

What are a few of your favorite things? 

My family, my dog Blueberry, friends, music, singing, Hip Hop dancing, writing, hot yoga, and hot water to drink.

When you are alone and you think no one is watching you. What quirky things are you doing?

This is really weird, but I’ll be honest, I randomly do weird facial exercises, wave my limbs and kick my feet in the air, butt exercises & chase Blueberry in circles lol.

What is your favorite haunt? 

Urth cafe on Melrose.

What handbag are you carrying and what is in it right now? Be honest!

My classic Chanel handbag I bought in Gabrielle Chanel’s original store in Paris not too long ago. I love her, she’s such a strong and inspiring woman. In there, I have my iPhone, pink Kate Spade Wallet, little notepad and a pen, headphones, my favorite Smith’s Strawberry Lip Balm, pink Pepper Spray (watch out), keys, Blueberry’s little tennis ball (not sure how it got in there, lol), a tangerine, teabags, Orbitz gum, & Tom Ford lipstick & lip gloss.

What is one thing that no one would ever guess about you? (at least by looking at you)

I almost went completely blind out of my right eye from juvenile glaucoma and now I do everything with only one contact lens in my left eye.

What is playing on iTunes/Pandora/Spotify/Apple Music etc., right now?  

Top 40s, Britney Spears, Pink, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Andrea Bocelli, Whitney Houston, Idina Menzel, Kristen Chenoweth, Hillsong, Disney songs and my EP ‘Freedom’…

What app would you DIE without?

I wouldn’t really die for apps (lol), but I use my music and social apps a lot because I love music and connecting with people.

Someone gave you wise words that stuck to your soul once – what were they?

God’s time may not be on your time, so just keep working hard at your passions and eventually your times will cross.

Where can we find you next?

You can find me around different neighborhoods in LA and New York hanging out at hotel lounges, cafes and studios. I just released my brand new single “Shine” which you can listen below:

You can download the single by pre-ordering my upcoming EP ‘Freedom’ on iTunes or GooglePlay EP.  

To keep up with my everyday shenanigans, follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter @thezraofficial or on visit my website

So hold on, take courage, this is our time…

-Azra, Shine, Freedom EP

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