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Amy Hussey, owner of Eliza Designs in Los AngelesWHO IS THIS COOL PEEP: AMY HUSSEY

Amy Hussey: I  worked  in  television  for  nearly  20  years,  most  recently  as  the  Chief  Operating  Officer  of  All3Media  America.  All3Media   America  produces  such  shows  as  the  Emmy-­‐Award  winning  “Undercover  Boss”  for  CBS  and  the  popular  reality  show   “Chrisley  Knows  Best”  for  USA.

Desiring  to  do  something  more  creative,  I  made  the  decision  to  pursue  my  dream  and  opened  a  company  doing  what  I   always  loved  to  do  –  design  and  make  jewelry!  ELIZA  Designs  LA  has  been  open  since  September  and  has  enjoyed  an   abundance  of  success,  rare  for  a  start-­‐up.   I  grew  up  outside  NYC,  in  a  NJ  town  called  West  Caldwell.  Having  worked  most  of  my  adult  life  in  NYC,  I  relocated  to  Los   Angeles  about  10  years  ago  to  pursue  my  then  dream  of  working  in  film.  After  working  on  several  blockbuster  movies  for   such  companies  as  Paramount  Pictures  and  Universal  Studios,  I  took  a  job  as  a  television  executive  at  MTV,  eventually   leaving  my  post  there  to  work  for  a  television  production  company  start  up  called  Studio  Lambert.  Studio  Lambert  would   eventually  grow  to  become  All3Media  America.  I  currently  reside  in  Brentwood,  loving  that  like  NYC  everything  I  need  is  within  walking  distance!

Pop of Powerful Healing ring, Eliza Designs LA, $85

Pop of Powerful Healing ring, Eliza Designs LA, $85

What are a few of your favorite things?

I  love  all  things  sparkly  –  except  glitter  –  it  gets  everywhere!  As  a  child  I  picked  a  shiny  ‘glass’  ring  from  my mom’s  costume   jewelry  and  wore  it  religiously.  One  day  at  a  friend’s  house,  my  friends’  FBI  father  took  one look  at  the  ring  and  claimed  it   to  be  a  real  diamond.  Sure  enough,  it  was!  So  began  my  lifelong  obsession with  diamonds.

My  favorite  things  include  my  love  of  Tiffany  &  Co,  my  admiration  of  the  iconic  Audrey  Hepburn  –  both  for her  style  sense   and  her  charitable  endeavors  –  and  any  locale  that  has  clear  blue  waters  and  warm  soft  sand. Fresh  Brie  cheese,  warm   bread,  a  bottle  of  wine  and  a  vineyard  with  a  spectacular  view  and  engaging company,  are  also  amongst  my  favorite   things.  One  of  my  favorite  quotes  is  by  Audrey  Hepburn,  “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”

I  admire  any  designer  that  can  capture  the  subtle  curves  of  a  woman  including  labels  like  St.  John  and  DVF, paired  with  the   classic  style  handbags  of  Gucci,  the  sunglasses  of  Chanel  and  the  designer  shoes  of  Stuart Weitzman.

What is on your wish list?

I  dream  of  traveling  to  the  places  that  my  gems  originate  from,  and  selecting  them  by  hand  from  as  close  to  their  sources   as  possible.  Such  places  include  Tanzania,  Brazil  and  India.  To  travel  and  meet  the  people  and  to  experience  the  culture  of   these  locations,  to  see  in  person  where  nature  has  deposited  such  beauty.

What is playing on your iTunes/Pandora/Spotify etc., right now?

Ex’s  &  Oh’s  (Ellie  King)
Hello  (Adele)   Used  to  Love  you  (Gwen  Stefani)
Battle  Cry  (Featuring  Jussie  Smollett)

What is your favorite haunt?

The  beach!  Any  time  I  can  be  close  to  the  water  is  perfect.  Otherwise  I  love  to  have  a  coffee  in  an  outdoor café  with  a  good   friend,  enjoying  intimate  conversation  in  a  busy  setting.

What handbag are you carrying right now?

Carrying  a  Salvatore  Ferragamo  black  Gancio  hobo  bag,  which  is  seemingly  bottomless  when  I  actually  need  to find   something!  It  has  a  Tiffany  &  Co  black  wallet  with  the  classic  Tiffany  blue  interior,  black  Chanel sunglasses,  EOS  lip  balm,   NARS  Risky  Business  lip  gloss  and  Advil!

What song plays when you walk into a room?

It’s  All  About  Tonight  (featuring  Katie  Cecil)   By  the  Grace  of  God  (Katy  Perry)  

Where can we find you next? 

ELIZA  Designs  LA  is  going  to  London!  The  brand  will  have  representation  in  London  starting  in  January  2016.  Londoners  will   be  able  to  order  their  favorite  pieces  locally.  ELIZA  Designs  LA  will  also  be  expanding  into  stores  in  Los  Angeles  and  San   Francisco  in  early  2016.  Stay  tuned  to  find  out  the  store  nearest  to  you.  Email us with questions or custom orders:

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