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Beth new pic green 1Who is this “Cool Peep”? Francesca Kimpton is an International Medium whose reputation for accuracy has been demonstrated thousands of times to private clients and radio and television audiences around the world. Originally from England she has been living and loving life in Los Angeles for many years.  She was the first medium to have her own unedited, life TV show in the UK and her work comprises demonstrations, lecturing, private clients, television and radio work as well as using her abilities to assist corporations. Her presentations differ greatly from other mediums in that as well as giving detailed evidence from those you have loved and lost, she also works with spirit in a very practical way with her clients to assist them in their current day life.

Francesca, what are a few of your favorite things? I love traveling and have been fortunate enough to travel extensively with work, having presented in 30 countries to date. I love meeting new interesting people who are passionate about their life and work. I love reading, especially history; deep conversations and fine dining with special friends and last but definitely not lease, I am completely in love with my two pets that I inherited last year, Angel my cat and Jekka my dog.

What is your favorite haunt? I have a few favorites. I am looking forward to revisiting my favorite French restaurant in NYC, Le Deux Amix as I have interesting and happy memories there over the years. Israel is a very special place for me and since Jekka’s arrival in LA I love sharing her favorite haunts.

What handbag are you carrying right now? A very old and treasured Guy Laroche shoulder bag, currently holding my wallet and two poop bags. My keys, phone and  ipod are put in the bag when I leave the house. I love the style of large bags, but for everyday use I cannot bear the half hour scavenger hunt for concealed items I need urgently.

What is playing on iTunes, right now? Come and Stay with Me by Marriane Faithful

What is on your wish list? So many things! More time in the day/week/life. I pray for  Jekka and Angel’s health and happiness. The home of my dreams. To complete all the work related projects that are on my mind, before too long. A vacation somewhere peaceful and interesting, ideally pet friendly, with interesting people and lots of good books.

What song plays when you walk into a room? If I Only Had Time by John Rowles.  My love of this song was always an old family joke considering I loved it when I first heard it as a child. I don’t like the corny romantic aspect, but I do love the sentiment about time being so limited in life.

Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens. Another family joke. My Mother once said that if I passed away, before her and she started hearing that song in her head she would KNOW it was me! As I was arranging her funeral last year, I heard her laughing and asking for it to be played at her funeral. So very apt…

Where can we find you next? New York next Month (June). Dinner demonstration at the Nassau Country Club in Long Island on the 18th June. Chicago in July. A new audio book is in progress – I can’t reveal the details yet, so watch this space

**Note from CC: I have had a medium reading with Ms. Kimpton and can attest to her spectacular gifts.

Get a reading with Francesca by visiting her website, by calling (310)-926-6289 or emailing Francesca@francescakimpton.com

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