Cool Peep of the Week: Galahad Clark

vivobarefoot stealth II Galahad ClarkWho is the cool peep?

Galahad Clark. A cobbler, from a long line of cobblers, in England. (he is also quite humbly a seventh-generation member of the Clarks dynasty and the founder of Vivobarefoot).

What are a few of your favorite things?

Walking up a snowy mountain and sliding back down.  Tidal swims.  Late 90’s Hip Hop. Dumplings. Cote Rotie.

When you are home alone and you think no one is watching, what are the quirky things you do?

I have a young family, so my time alone is spent doing the things that I can’t do when I am with my kids, such as reading, iPad chess, and watching sports.

What’s your favorite haunt?

My local snout-to-tail eatery—St. John. Bone Marrow, Kohlrabi and Rose Wine for Wednesday lunch is almost a ritual.

Empty your pockets right now. Be honest, what did you find?

2 golf T’s, my apartment key, and Chinese cigs. I’m in China and played golf with a factory guy yesterday, so…

What is one thing that no one would guess about you?

I’m a Quaker.

Galahad and Asher ClarkWhat’s playing on your iTunes?

A Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke (reminded about him from seeing a clip of him and Ali singing together).

can we find you next?

From China, I’m travelling to the Sicily Isles where Asher (my cousin and Vivobarefoot business partner) and I are participating in a swim run race that Vivobarefoot is sponsoring.



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