grocery app JustBOGOS can save you 50%Cool Peep: Grocery APP Master Jason Taub of JustBOGOS

Who is this “Cool Peep”?

Jason Taub: I am born and raised in South Florida, and Founder of the revolutionary grocery savings app JustBOGOS, which has been exploding in popularity in Florida and is soon expanding it’s free service to New York, New Jersey and other US locations.  I graduated from the University of Central Florida in Orlando with a Bachelor’s in Accounting; Nova Southeastern University with an MBA and I’m currently a Project Manager with the same company for nearly 10 years.

What are a few of your favorite things? 

Boating, beach, cooking, barbecue restaurants, hockey and enjoying the outdoor activities South FL has to offer

When you are alone and you think no one is watching you. What quirky things are you doing?

Quirky facial expressions!

What is your favorite haunt? 

Exploring the desolate yet beautiful mountains and desert out west, where the scenery is straight out of the movies

EMPTY your pockets…right now. Be honest, what did you find?

My organized mindset doesn’t allow for items to remain in my pockets – So to be honest, absolutely nothing but the pocket lint!!

What is one thing that no one would ever guess about you? (at least by looking at you)

I used to LOVE country music.  So much so, that in a former life I knew all the line dances at the local country western joints.  Even rocked the black Tim McGraw style cowboy hat.  I kid you not.

What is playing on iTunes/Pandora/Spotify/Apple Music etc., right now?  

Summer hits of the 90’s

What app would you DIE without?


The JustBOGOS app which sends an alert every time my favorite groceries become Buy One, Get One at my local grocery store.  I don’t have the time to search the weekly ads nor the patience to clip coupons.  However, JustBOGOS allows me to save money on groceries effortlessly between the BOGO alerts and the consolidated list of all local grocery BOGO’s from multiple supermarkets.

Someone gave you wise words that stuck to your soul once – what were they?

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  Rings so true to business, relationships and more.

Where can we find you next? 

You can usually find me out and about on Las Olas Boulevard in Fort Lauderdale, or exploring the nearby waterways

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  1. Tatiana

    I’m a JustBogos subscriber and I have to say that I LOVE this app. Not only does it save me time with the shopping list but also money which is my favorite part!


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