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Kinga Bagnowska, General Manager at Lucy Peters Aesthetic Center

Being a manager has become second nature for me.  Even as a child I was managing groups and projects, being curious and taking ideas forward.  This led me to become a newspaper, radio and television journalist.  After a number of years, I became managing editor of a large community newspaper.

The media business started to change during the global financial crisis.  And the Internet brought both disruption and opportunity.  I saw how beauty and wellness businesses were growing — and how they needed leadership.  I began by managing a spa.

After several years in this industry I see even more potential.  The treatments and the new technologies — the experiences we can appreciate and enjoy — are fascinating.  And the results are amazing.

New York is the best place to experience beauty and wellness.  I grew up in Poland and I’ve been a proud New Yorker for more than 15 years.

What are a few of your favorite things?

I love people.  I interact with them, I listen to their stories, and I help them.  A good meal in good company makes me happy.  I love culinary surprises, even if it’s just a simple meal with a little twist.  And yoga: it stretches my body and mind.

What is on your wish list?

A trip to Goa, in Western India, with my best friends.

What is playing on your iTunes/Pandora/Spotify etc., right now?

Adele’s new album: 25.

What is your favorite haunt?

The unforgettable Palm Court at The Plaza Hotel.  Beautiful design.  Glamorous, yet authentic and warm hearted.  It’s a kind of classical experience that brings to life the best of old New York.

What handbag are you carrying right now?

My briefcase.  It’s a cognac color by Fossil.  My laptop and Chanel mascara (in an understated shade of blue) travel with me daily.

What song plays when you walk into a room?

It has to be “You See the Trouble with Me” by Barry White.  What a great song!

kinga bagnowskaWhere can we find you next? 

Find me at Lucy Peters Aesthetic Center.

Find me at Lucy Peters Aesthetic Center It’s my new baby.  I love working there.  I love my team and my clients.

150 East 58th Street
29th Floor, #2901
New York, New York 10155
P: 646-836-9024

Monday—Friday: 9 AM–7 PM
Saturday: 9 AM–5 PM

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