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Cool Peep(s) of the Week: Lauren+Vanessa

WHO ARE THESE COOL PEEPS: Lauren E. Hack and Vanessa Ungaro of Lauren+Vanessa

Lauren E. Hack: I am a light spirited, optimistic, energetic, creative woman who is a lover of life. I find beauty and inspiration in everything that touches my heart. I use my talent as a hair colorist to not only make women look beautiful but feel beautiful too. Making people feel good about themselves is a gift I have had since a child. I was born in Queens and raised on Long Island, which is where I currently live.

Vanessa Ungaro: I am a Brooklyn girl; born, raised and still there. I grew up where family comes first and friends become family. I’ve always had a passion for making people feel beautiful and my path to doing so was through hair and makeup. This beauty journey has led me to work alongside  highly creative individuals and with really fabulous clients. I lead a  positive, flourishing life that I am so grateful for.

What are a few of your favorite things?

L: My favorite things in the world are books and music. I love to curl up with a good book or listen to great tunes where I completely lose myself in the music. The books I read and music I listen to always change with my mood. My dog Donny makes my heart so happy. I adore old Hollywood movies, candles, perfumes and oils. I dream of being a fragrance aficionado! I can’t live without tea and chocolate. I LOVE vintage jewelry and antique shops where I find charming unique items that tell a story of the past.

V: I enjoy the quiet moments in life. My favorite poet is Rumi. On sunny spring days I will go to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens to sit under the cherry blossoms and read his poetry. I’m a sucker for romance and sob every time I watch The Notebook.  Sometimes you just need a good cry.  I have a deep passion for shoes and fur coats. As much as I love the ocean I prefer to be somewhere upstate amidst the trees so I can meditate and feel nature around me. I am a proud mama of two fur babies, my cats Leo and Molly. But, I love all animals and have a not so secret obsession with Alpacas. They’re just so cute! I own about 50 different facial cleansers and face masks, hundreds of lipsticks and bronzers. I enjoying cooking for large groups of people.  My signature dish is Lobster Fra Diavolo.

What is on your wish list?

L: Nothing would make me happier than having an animal sanctuary with all kinds of animals from dogs to peacocks. That would be heaven! I would also love to learn how to play the piano. My life-long passion is to write children’s books.

V: Numero uno on my wish list is a chauffeur.  I love the liberating feel of just getting in my car and going but I prefer to be driven. I would also love to have an organization to empower and educate young females to be strong, mindful and confident.

Lauren+Vanessa beauty besties duo and top female entrepreneursWhat’s your favorite haunt?

L: I love the beach. I love having my feet in the sand, feeling the warm sun on my skin ,closing my eyes and hearing the sound of the waves. But I also love being in my mom’s kitchen on a Sunday while she cooks a big Italian meal.

V: The Botanic Gardens- it’s easy for me to disconnect from the city when I’m around those beautiful flowers and trees.  And at my parents house where I am fed delicious meals, and receive so much love.

What handbag are you carrying and what is in it – right now?

L: I am carrying a black Rebecca Minkoff satchel. What is inside my bag? More like what ISN’T inside! I commute to the city so I carry my life in my bag. There is always a book, headphones and LOTS of LAUREN+VANESSA lipstick and lip glosses.

lauren_vanessa_lipglossV: In my AllSaints cross body I always carry my Louis Vuitton wallet, my L+V lipgloss, bronzer, my cell phone, herbal tea packets and gum.

What music are you listening to?

L: Common and Erykah Badu: Love of my Life

V: On my Spotify right now: Childish Gambino, 3005

What song plays when you walk into a room?

L: Alicia Keys: Girl on fire

V: Rebel Heart by Madonna.

Where can we find you next?

L: Next you will find us brainstorming about some new beauty product ideas and testing new lipsticks and lip glosses to add to our growing lip line. And of course we will make a few rounds to LA and Miami too. Stay tuned!

V: Expanding  our LAUREN+VANESSA lip line
and expanding our tribe of motivational, successful, inspirational, entrepreneurial women.

80 Nassau Street, Suite 2A
New York, NY 10038


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Lucky me! I got to hang with the girls at a recent event in SOHO!

Lucky me! I got to hang with the girls at a recent event in SOHO!


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