Crossfit Prospect Heights owner and trainer Maillard Howel working with student Lorin Blake.

Crossfit Prospect Heights owner/trainer Maillard Howell works with client Lorin Blake (Brooklyn, NY).

Cool Peep of the Week: Fitness Trainer Maillard Howell

Who is this “Cool Peep”?

I am a Personal Trainer and owner of a CrossFit gym in downtown Brooklyn, NY – CrossFit Prospect Heights. I grew up in Trinidad but have been in the US since 17.

Note from the editor: What Maillard failed to mention is he is ALSO a finalist in the first-ever America’s Most Inspiring Trainer title from Well + Good / Reebok. #impressive – VOTE FOR HIM HERE. 

 What are a few of your favorite things? 

My fave things in no particular order: Working out, Donuts, The Simpsons, Sneakers from the 90’s, reading.

Note from editor: we LOVE a trainer who admits to loving donuts!

When you are alone and you think no one is watching you. What quirky things are you doing?

I am talking to myself.

What is your favorite haunt? 

My fave haunt would have to be any beach…anywhere in the world

Empty your pockets – right now? BE HONEST…what did you find? 

Ha! I always have pockets filled with random tissue…I have this “thing” where I believe I will need tissue to blow my nose or clean a random mess, so I’m always stashing napkins or paper towels in my pockets, my wallet and paper money. I keep my cash separate from my wallet…another quirk.

What is one thing that no one would ever guess about you? (at least by looking at you)

No one would guess, I’m really a 12 year old on the inside.

What is playing on iTunes/Pandora/Spotify/Apple Music etc., right now?  

Stephen Marley’s Rockstone

What app would you DIE without?

My Gmail app….its linked to both my personal and business email and Im always on call handling one thing or the other for either account

Someone gave you wise words that stuck to your soul once – what were they?

“Never let them see you sweat”

Note from editor: We found a wise and rather KICK ASS quote from Maillard that we needed to share: 

“F*ck Talent…Do Work” – this is one is pretty simple and again reflective of not only myself but of anyone I train. I am of the firm belief that you can outwork talent. Talent is the natural ability to do something, it’s innate and doesn’t require much “trying”. What I try to convey to my athletes is that natural ability or inability is worthless when working with me. Let your work ethic eclipse talent..let your grit eclipse talent…let your heart eclipse talent…leave the “I’m good at this” at the door and lets work our asses off so that it seems like its natural to the random observer.”

Where can we find you next? 

You can find me at my gym, CrossFit Prospect Heights.

amit-finalist-maillardNote from the editor: Maillard is a finalist in the first-ever America’s Most Inspiring Trainer title from Well & Good / Reebok.  He is one of 12 amazing finalists from a pool of over 5,000 entries, WOW. Let’s help Brooklyn, NY fitness hero WIN –  Cast your vote for Maillard Howell by December 23. 

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