Nessa Rae Apostol is a top millennial couture fashion designerCool Peep of the Week: Nessa Rae Apostol

WHO IS THIS COOL PEEP: Nessa Rae Apostol

My name is Nessa Rae Apostol, I’m a 27 years old military brat so I don’t really have a home town, but if I can call one a home town it is definitely San Diego.  I currently live part time between San Diego and Las Vegas.  I have worn many hats in my career; I as an O.R. Nurse specializing in Plastics, then I moved on to dancing pro in Ballroom which led me to fashion and now I own my own fashion line, NApostol.

What are a few of your favorite things?


I LOVE hosting dinner parties.  I love having people over and spending all day in the kitchen, drinking wine, laughing, listening to music, prepping food together… it’s just how I know how to show love.

I love to travel to new places, go on epic adventures, and take artistic photos.

Being around people make me happy.  I can meet someone for the first time, converse and become best friends with them.  I love creating new relationships because I tend to go deep with whoever I meet! I’m a hugger and a lover!

What is on your wish list?

I want my own couture house in Las Vegas! A space where I can have my seamstresses, my home and have it fully stocked with machines, fabrics and everything I need to continue to create my artistic pieces.  It will have my showroom full of chandeliers and paintings on the bottom floor and my actual home with a golden retriever on the top floor.

…a super cool boyfriend is also on that wish list! Haha!

Nessa Rae Apostol is a top millennial couture fashion designer

NApostol Couture

What is playing on your iTunes/Pandora/Spotify etc., right now?

I’m into indie artists that have their own spin on music; Travis Garland, William Singe, Post Modern Juke box and Alessia Cara.

I must admit though, I am a Belieber.

What is your favorite haunt?

How random! I’m not sure I have a favorite.  But I love all things scary and haunted.  If anyone asks me to go on a tour I would go.  But anything that has to do with witches or voodoo fascinates me.

What handbag are you carrying right now?

I carry a size 35 Louis Vuitton Speedy.  I am embarrassed to say but it has everything from flats, a sewing kit, makeup, passport, a bathing suit, my planner (which is my entire life), a notebook and a few pens.

What song plays when you walk into a room?

Born This Way (Lady Gaga)

Where can we find you next? 

Shark Tank baby! And all over the world doing red carpet events… well maybe not me but definitely my work.  I’m officially doing the AVN awards, Miss United States, Oscars, Cannes Film Festival, Miss Universe, others are still in the works

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