Cool Peep: California Rock and Roll Singer Jaake Margo

Who is this “Cool Peep”?

Jaake Margo, lead singer of California based rock and roll band, Get Married…

Somewhere beyond the prying eyes of the city, out by the roadside chapel, there’s an intersection where parallel roads overlap. Lovers and loners. Elvis and Ozma. Alkaline
Trio and Iron Maiden. Here, they all cross paths. Legend says that if you stand at the center, close your eyes, give yourself up to fate and take what comes, then you will hear two words echo through your head. Get Married. Get Married are eternal optimists. Teens of nowhere who lie dreaming in leather jackets.
Awake in a bedroom, they listen to the rain and sing ballads of the night you met. 
In 2016 the band released the Into the Cosmos 7” on Wiretap Records, a four song EP that celebrates everything about having, holding, longing, and losing. Since then, they’ve fine-tuned what heartstrings they have left for their first full-length. Released in August by both Wiretap and Asian Man Records, Songs For The Sleepless finds the band doubling down on every bet they’ve made, going for broke in a night race to destiny. For Get Married there’s no fading out. You either make it to the other side, or you crash and burn. And if you’re out there now, by the roadside chapel, take a chance. Step into the crossroads, close your eyes, and listen. If you do, you just might hear them as they tear by into the night.

Whats your sign?


Where did you grow  up? Where do you live now?

San Jose, California, United States… but I wanna write outer-space

What are a few of your favorite things?

Burritos wrapped in paper, The Beach Boys, Punk Rock, Sleeping in the Warner Brothers water tower, Seinfeld Elvis, 90s Cartoons, The Ronettes, Fender Guitars, Breakfast Cereal, Asian Man and Wiretap Records, Aliens (they are real), My gigantic Elvis pool floaty, The original Coke Zero, Our friend Jay Levy, Dr. Pepper and the Dr. Pepper Museum, Old Movies, Guitar harmonies… or Guitarmonies if you will, The song “I love LA” by Randy Newman, Danzig era Misfits, Trying to get into Disneyland for free

When you are alone and you think no one is watching you. What quirky things are you doing?

The same thing we do every time we’re alone and think no one is watching… we try to take over the world…

What is your favorite haunt? 

Truthfully, hanging out in our van.

Empty your pockets RIGHT NOW – what did you find? Be honest!

Guitar picks, 79 cents, a switchblade knife, my wallet, a comb, a hard root beer candy wrapper, and a tin of Altoids.

What is one thing that no one would ever guess about you? (at least by looking at you)


What music is playing right now?

Green Day is playing right now!

What APP would you DIE without?


Someone offered you wise words once…what Yoda moment is stuck to your soul? What was said that you never forgot and who said it?

“It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll”- Bon Scott via Jack Black

Where can we find (aka politely stalk)you?

Driving all across the country, playing as many shows as we can. You can find our next tour dates on any of our social media platforms, and we would love to see you come out to a show!

Sep 21, 2018: 924 Gilman in Berkeley, CA
Sep 29, 2018: The Slidebar Rock-n-Roll Kitchen in Fullerton, CA
Nov 04, 2018: Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, CA

You can follow (don’t be creepy!) Jake and Get Married on social media below:

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Download their newest album SONGS FOR THE SLEEPLESS

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